10 Kitchens Under $10,000

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10 Kitchens UNDER $10,000 at Builders Surplus!

Imagine finally having a kitchen that you love, that came in under budget - and still exceeds your expectations!

One of the biggest struggles that homeowner have when it comes to a kitchen remodel is simply PRICE. How much will it cost? Why can't anyone really tell me? Am I going to be able to get something that I love within my budget? Will it even be worth it to update my kitchen if I have to make so many compromises? Do I have to go into debt or take out a loan to get the kitchen of my dreams?

Our goal was to overcome the fear and limiting beliefs that surround kitchen remodels. We want to show you exactly what you can get, and the price that you can get it for. The two reasons that getting a "simple" quote can be difficult is due to the wide range of kitchen sizes, and the product variations that you can choose. We overcame this by creating 10 kitchens, all in the standard 8' x 12' size, in a variety of cabinet including white shaker style cabinets and countertop combinations. This will allow you to find either the EXACT kitchen that you want, or help you better understand the price you can expect based on the styles you like. Each kitchen can be customized in store, but to get the price listed, you would need to choose the products shown on each flyer.

Please click on the PDF option to download a copy of each "10 under 10 kitchen" flyer and see all the details on what's included. We can't wait to work with you to create a new kitchen for you and your family to enjoy, at a price you can afford!

Design, Installation and Measurements:

  • Working with a professional designer at Builders Surplus is FREE of charge!
  • Granite and Quartz Installation IS included in the price for designs that include them. All other product installations are NOT included in price.
  • There is a $75 initial Measurement fee which is FULLY REIMBURSED upon purchase.
1. Unfinished Alder Cabinets With Laminate
2. Maple Stone Shaker Cabinets With Laminate Countertops
3. Wellborn Metro Cabinets with Laminate Countertops
4. Wellborn Layton Oak Cabinets with Laminate Countertops
5. Ginger Creek White Shaker Cabinets with Laminate Countertops
6. Ginger Creek Grey Shaker Cabinets with Laminate Countertops
7. Ginger Creek Dove Grey Shaker Cabinets with Granite Countertops
8. Waypoint Maple Truffle Cabinets with Quartz Countertops
9. Waypoint 660D Cherry Slate Cabinets with Granite Countertops
10. Waypoint 720 Ember Glaze Cabinets with Quartz Countertops


Lead Form - Kitchen Specific

Pricing Is Based On Builders Surplus' Standard 8′ x 12′  Kitchen Layout.

Each Cabinet Price Includes:

  • Fully-assembled cabinets - In Stock or Custom Order
  • Either a laminate, granite or quartz countertop – price will vary if an alternative is chosen, but all countertop options can be switched out based on your needs.
  • Crown Moulding

* Measurement fee is reimbursed upon purchase.

Note: Cabinet installation, appliances & hardware are not included in pricing. Countertop installation IS included on any granite or quartz countertop. Laminate tops do not include installation.

Every home’s kitchen is unique in size and shape, therefore your price may vary.





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