Today, we’ll be offering up some of the best backsplash ideas for your kitchen that are on the scene this season. Backsplash is the best accessory that you can add to your kitchen to make it unique or give it a real wow factor, so choosing the right tile for you is crucial. In the past, backsplash has been limited to certain shapes, materials, or sizes. Well, the past is in the past, because today, you can use virtually ANY tile choice you please and make it your own, if done the right way of course. Here are some of our favorite picks in no particular order that may be somewhat unconventional, but definitely memorable.

1. Ledger Stone Backsplash Ideas


ledger-stone-gold-rush0backsplash ideas

This ledger stone is called Gold Rush, and we offer this in stock, every day. There are 6 different color variations, but the result with all of them is the same: unique, rough around the edges, while still looking high class. It works perfectly with the rustic or craftsman style. Ledger stone backsplash ideas are some of my favorites, because they aren’t overdone & are not seen on a very regular basis, making them even more unique.

2. Arabesque Pattern Backsplash



The arabesque pattern backsplash is probably one of my very favorites in this list. It looks elegant, somewhat vintage, and also works with the farmhouse or rustic vibe when used appropriately. The unique shape catches your eye and keeps your interest. Definitely a more feminine choice, but I have known men that are fond of it as well! We offer the Arabesque Antique White in store as one of our in stock backsplash options, found here.

3. Brick Tile Backsplash Options

stainless-steel-kitchen-industrial-wood-brick-backsplash ideas

This red brick is actually a TILE, making it that much more appealing! Brick is hot right now, and brick backsplash ideas are gorgeous! It works for both males and females in the industrial style, rustic style, farmhouse style, or even the traditional style. The fact that it’s a tile makes it fairly easy to install, and while this is a custom order product from our store, it has a very short lead time. This Capella Red Brick Tile is definitely a winner in my opinion.

4. Large Tile “Flooring” Backsplash Ideas



This is a definitely a recent trend. People are no longer sticking to the basic, small, backsplash tile to complete their kitchen. Today, it is becoming quite common to take a typical floor tile and install it as your backsplash. This grey backsplash is extremely versatile in terms of color palettes that will match and styles that it will coordinate with. We offer a large selection of this type of tile in store, as well as in our custom order options. To see our in stock tile selection, click here.

5. Traditional Subway Tile With a Twist

wavy-subway-tile-kitchen-backsplash -ideas

Subway tile backsplash is one of the most classic and commonly used backsplash ideas. There are many colors to choose from in several different materials, but this is a new twist on an old favorite. The tiles are no longer flat, but have a wavy texture to them that gives it a “handmade” look. We love it and so far, our customers have too!

6. Textured Pebble Stone Backsplash



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This is one of the most surprising of the backsplash ideas, in my opinion. This is typically not a tile that you see used for backsplash in kitchens. I have seen this in many bathrooms, on the floors of showers, etc, but it is so gorgeous in the photo above! It gives it a very zen feeling. That, paired with the neutrals of black quartz countertops and white shaker cabinets, make it a neutral, peaceful kitchen that most people would love to have!

7. Bright Colored Glass Mosaic



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This is another one of the backsplash ideas that has been primarily used in bathrooms up until recently. The shimmery, bright, glass mosaic tile makes a big statement and gives the kitchen a colorful pop! These are typically best suited with neutral colored cabinets. This blue tile is another of our in stock options in our Cincinnati / Newport location, as well as our Louisville, Ky location.

8. Geometric Patterned Backsplash

carrara marble backsplash ideas

Carrara marble backsplash is a popular choice, and has been for years. It is the ultimate in luxury and style. However, the shapes that this gorgeous stone is being made into have definitely changed over the years. The geometric and hexagon shapes are extremely popular right now, in any material, but pair that with the classic elegance of marble, and you’ve definitely got a winner on your hards. Any kitchen would be so lucky to be graced by its presence.

9. Mixed Metals Mosaics

glass-metal-backsplash ideas


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Mixing metals with glass mosaics is a great new trend that we love! It adds a bit of shine and glam without being overly girly. The backsplash above is a great choice for men and women alike. It is definitely a great choice for modern and contemporary styles. Get more ideas for other metal backsplash ideas here.

10. Bead Board Backsplash

beadboard backsplash ideas
Bead board is such a simple, classic piece that can go in virtually every room of your home. The rise of the farmhouse style has definitely increased the use of bead board. This is one of the most simple ideas that adds a very lovely touch to whatever space you add it to, which in this case would be your kitchen. This is custom order option available in our store that will make your favorite room stand out in the crowd while adding a cozy, home grown feel.

We hope yo have enjoyed our list of the top 10 backsplash ideas for your kitchen! If you have questions on any of the backsplash options that we offer, or would like help with design and installation, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share and pin away! Please sign up for our newsletter to receive great content on a bi-weekly basis.

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Written By: Allie Bloyd