Hi Everyone! Today we’re going to be talking about the best combinations of shower tile and mosaic tile to form the perfect mosaic tile  shower! Some people choose to stick with one tile in their shower, and while that’s ok, I think that adding a mosaic is a perfect way to make it pop!
When deciding to do a mosaic tile shower, the combinations can be endless, and often times leave you feeling confused. What will look the best with my main tile? What will be easy to install if doing this myself? Well today, we’re going to answer those questions for you! We’ll give you a variety of ideas that you can use in your own mosaic tile shower.

Mosaic Tile Shower Combos We Love

1. Satuary Matte 12×24 Tile with Arctic Cloud Glass and Stone Mosaic Tile Shower

This is such a clean, modern look! The Satuary Matte has movement and while the extra large strip of mosaic tile makes this shower one that really stands out! Find these tiles in store!

2. Cafe SS38 Tile and Basketweave Mosaic Tile Shower

This is a very traditional look, but one that many people wouldn’t think would be a great fit together! I love the detail of the basketweave mosaic paired with the simplicity of the tan Cafe tile. These products are in stock and ready to take home!

3. Eramosa Silver and Highland Park Morning Fog Subway Tile Shower

This shower can be done with the popular Eramosa Silver 12×24 tile and Highland Park Morning fog subway tile. They chose to do two strips in rows of three, which is not what you would typically see, but it looks great! The colors blend so nicely that it is a subtle accent. Find these tiles in stock!

4. White Marble and White Penny Mosaic Tile Shower

This shower design done by Coates Homes, and boy does it look spectacular! You can achieve this same look with our white marble tile and white penny mosaic! Adding the thick strip of mosaic at the bottom is a different look, but gives the view from the bath tub a little something extra! A very high end and elegant look.

5. Carrara Marble Subway Tile with Marble Herringbone and Blanco Carrara & Glass Mosaic Tile Shower

This shower is AMAZING! We saw this stunner at Homearama 2016 and it is probably the biggest shower i’ve ever seen. We don’t expect this to be what you’re working with in your home, (If it is, then you lucky dog) but you can take a style cue and use the same or similar tiles to achieve this look in your own shower. Vertical Carrara marble subway tiles or larger marble tiles paired with a marble herringbone and marble interlocking mosaic will really make your shower one to remember! Adding a cool mosaic to your insert is always a great idea, and if your shower is stand alone, go for a fun pattern on the floor!

6. Legend Blanco and Black and White Pebbles Mosaic Tile Shower

The Legend Blanco tile is one of our best sellers, and for good reason! It looks great on the floor as well as the walls. I recently did my shower in this tile and love the way it turned out! They used a really cool pebble mosaic for a very earthy, nautical look.

7. White Subway Tile and Colored Pennies Mosaic Tile Shower

What a fun shower! Subway tile is a favorite choice for any project because of it’s versatility. It will coordinate with any accent tile, and style of room, any color scheme. They have taken this tile to a new level by adding the colorful penny mosaic! I love the multiple strips of varying heights. It gives it a very carefree vibe.

8. Ivory and 1×1 Glass Mosaic Tile Shower

This shower is modern, yet traditional, with a little bit of fun! The creamy Ivory tile pairs perfectly with the neutral colored 1×1 mosaic! The rest of this bathroom is grey, so it really ties the two colors together. Mosaic is a great way to make your look cohesive. Find both of these tiles in store!
Ivory Tile with 1x1 mosaic tile shower louisville cincinnati

9.  4×16 White Subway Tile with Silver Grey Mixed Glass Mosaic Tile

This shower really makes a statement! The 4×16 subway tile is a hot item right now and I love the way it looks. It gives you the same feel as a traditional subway tile but mixes it up a bit. This mosaic tile is high impact! The silver, grey and black make it a very modern feel.
4x16-subway-with-dark-interlock-mosaic-tile-shower Cincinnati Louisville
Which is your favorite mosaic tile shower combination? Do you have pictures of your own shower to share? Post them in the comments! Thanks for reading, and if you have any additional questions about tile showers, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd