Vessel Sinks are a perfect bathroom space saver that few consider when starting a bathroom remodel.

Not only do they save space, they are unique, beautiful and functional. At Builders Surplus, Solera provides a variety of vessel sinks for your bathroom (or kitchen!) in many materials, colors and styles. We also have a variety of surplus vessel sinks in store for AMAZING prices! Here are a few ways to save space by using a vessel sink.


Vessel Sinks Open Up More Space On Your Sink Top

One of my favorite things about vessel sinks is the fact that you can take any piece of furniture, and even something unexpected, and turn it into a vanity. Because it doesn’t need to have a typical sink top (or depth needed for it), the options are endless.

Having a vessel sink on top of a countertop surface, you have room to store more on the top without worrying about water damage. You can see what I mean in the images below.



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Vessel Sinks: Thinner Than Your Average Vanity

For many people, especially those who live in condos, apartments or smaller homes, you may find yourself lacking the space you want in your bathroom. Sometimes you need to have all the necessities: shower/bath tub, sink and toilet, but don’t know how you’ll get all 3 to fit inside your space.

Typical vanities are no less than 25″ wide, which is unfortunate if that is just more space that you can give to it. Vessel sinks come in handy because they can sit on some very narrow spaces.  Using vessel sinks can give you the function you need regardless of the space.



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Vessel Sinks: Embracing Unique Shapes & Spaces

Bathrooms can often be laid out in an interesting way. You may find yourself questioning the decisions of a builder a century, or even a decade ago. To be honest, not all of their choices make sense. But have no fear, the vessel sink is here! Another beautiful thing about a vessel sink is that it can easily adapt to unique shapes and spaces. Take the bathroom on the left. The only space they could use is a small corner, in which you would never find a typical vanity to fit.

But using a corner blind cabinet and a vessel sink, with a custom cut vanity top, you’ve solved the problem beautifully. My favorite of them all is the center example. If you have a wide space that needs to work for you, this is the perfect solution! Not to mention stylish, unique and unexpectedly amazing. The same would go for the barrel sink. We saw this trend in Homearama 2015, and we think it’s here to stay.



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Vessels Sinks: Counter Productive

If you’re a minimalist, it may happen that you don’t care about storage like the rest of us. To you, less is more. If that’s the case, vessel sinks are right up your alley. They give you the ability to have the counter space that you need, without anything in between! Maybe you need to store larger items under the sink space, and cabinets won’t really work for you. This is another great solution.

It can also make your space feel larger, which is something that most people are looking for when they set out to do a bathroom remodel, or when they’re searching for a bathroom space saver. It also allows you to create unique countertop shapes and use unique materials as well.






Vessel Sinks Will Have You Floatin’ On Air

Vessel sinks are the ultimate bathroom space saver when you consider the fact that no vanity is required! You can create your own storage elsewhere, or forgo it altogether, replacing it with this simple and functional piece of plumbing.

Glass vessel sinks are like pieces of art, especially when standing alone and becoming the focal point of your new bathroom remodel. There are many different materials to choose from when deciding on vessel sinks, but glass is a very popular choice.



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When looking for a bathroom space saver solution, look no further than vessel sinks. These are beautiful, functional and can fit virtually any space or style. You can order Solera sinks from Builders Surplus, with a vast amount of vessel sinks to choose from. Click here to shop our vessel sink selection by Solera!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd