Maybe you’re on the last leg of a pretty extensive bathroom remodel, or you’re just looking for a quick fix, a sly change to satisfy your need to switch up a look that’s been spread out too long for your liking. In any case, it doesn’t matter why you’re out shopping, but what does are the particulars for what you’re shopping for. Today, I’d like to dive into what you should look for when you’re buying a bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Size

Obviously, this is important, right? We can’t be having a too-small or too-big cabinet just chillin’ in the bathroom, not properly installed. That’s simply preposterous. So, before you go out, you should have the proper measurements. It’s known that vanities come in standard sizes, so you should be okay for the most part. But, for example, if you’re looking for a vanity that accompanies his or her sinks, then you need to know the exact measurements for them. So on and so forth.

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Bathroom Vanity Drawer Space

Arguably, the most important, in my opinion. If you’re anything like my girlfriend, you have loads of cosmetic supplies. Now, whether those supplies are necessary is subject for another blog post, and not one that I’d like to write in fear of her finding it, but I digress. Shop for a vanity that accommodates your any and every need. If it’s a family bathroom, you might need quite a bit of drawer space. And, please, don’t be fooled by the “dummy” drawers. You know, the ones that look like they pullout, but then you try and you silently curse yourself. Sometimes designs aren’t quite as functional as you’d like them to be.

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Bathroom Vanity Color

It’s safe to say that your bathroom has a certain style, a certain theme that you’ve incorporated for the entire room. But even if it doesn’t, some vanity colors are just going too look better than others in a certain area. This especially goes for paint color. You’re not going to put a dark vanity in a purple bathroom, are you? Here, I’ll rephrase that, you shouldn’t. Seriously don’t. But when you’re shopping, keep the colors of your bathroom in mind. Please.

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Bathroom Vanity Style

Now, going along with what I’ve mentioned before about adhering to the design of your bathroom, you should keep in mind the style. There are many types of vanity styles – traditional, contemporary, rustic, modern, you get the gist of it. Bottom line is, you don’t want clashing styles in a bathroom. It’s way too small of space, so it’ll be highly noticeable, eye-cringing, and just overall extremely problematic. ‘Tis a no-go.

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Bathroom Vanity Versatility

Some wood materials that vanities have to offer are more versatile than others. For example, if you’re wanting to create a rustic look on your own, instead of buying it as is, then you’ll need to purchase one that has the right material. Most come in hardwood, manufactured wood, metal, or glass. Wood is obviously the go to choice for pulling of the rustic look, sanding the surface, antiquing and aging it. So, if you’re like me, and have the tendency to get bored with the same look over the years, make sure you choose a material that allows your creativity to thrive.

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Bathroom Vanity Bathroom Fixtures

When I say fixtures, I’m encompassing an embodiment of accessories here. Sink faucet, soap dishes, lotion pumps, toothbrush holders – the whole nine. The trick of perfecting any look or any design is having the ability to have each element of the room blend beautifully and accentuate authentically. You’d like it to look like each piece was literally MADE for the room. With that said, think of everything you’d like to incorporate and adhere your bathroom vanity it. The result is exquisite. Trust me.

bathroom vanity

Alright, folks, there, written above, are six factors you should keep in mind as you shop for your bathroom vanity! I know it may seem like a lot to think about, but if you want to achieve the best look possible in your bathroom, you should probably adhere to it.

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Written By: Chris Chamberlain