Amerock Hardware is a top manufacturer of cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware can be used on kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, dressers and other pieces of furniture. We feel that cabinet hardware is like jewelry for your kitchen cabinets! Take the same cabinet, in the same color, with 5 different cabinet hardware selections, and you will get 5 different styles for that cabinet! Cabinet hardware can easily make or break a kitchen. Find out some of our top Amerock Hardware pics for 2016, and see what style you should be looking at to get the contemporary, traditional or farmhouse look you’re searching for. Amerock hardware is not only beautiful, but it’s also affordable, so get ready to spice up your cabinets and match your kitchen to your design style! All of the choices below are available at Builders Surplus, some being in stock, ready to take home, and some custom order with a short turn around time. Comment for details on anything you see below!

Our 6 Favorite Amerock Hardware Choices For 2016

1. Amerock Oil Rubbed Cup Pull & Allison Knob

Oil Rubbed Bronze-Cup-Pulls-Amerock-Hardware Allison Knob
Oil rubbed bronze is a very popular finish right now. This finish leans towards the rustic or farmhouse style, but can be used in any kitchen, as long as the colors allow. Cup pulls and round knobs are some of my favorite cabinet hardware choices, because it’s simple, while also making a statement. The cup pulls and round “Allison” knobs above scream understated sophistication & Souther charm for your kitchen cabinets.

2. Amerock Antique English Lion Drop Pull

Another member of the Allison Collection, this is an affordable piece of cabinet hardware. The design is unique & memorable. It will give your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity the Old World Charm you’re dying to achieve. Leave them in the Antique English finish, or paint them white as shown above, to bring your kitchen remodel together. This pull could also work with a traditional interior design style in your kitchen or bathroom.

3. Amerock Hardware Brushed Copper Pull & T Knob

Amerock Hardware Brushed Copper Pull T Knob Brushed copper is a very hot finish right now. This finish resembles rose gold and can work with many kitchen design ideas. The brushed copper 16mm Pull from Amerock is in the Chandler collection, and the square knob is from the Mullholand collection. This style works very well with Transitional design. This style is a mixture of contemporary and traditional. This interior design style is supposed to be even more popular this upcoming year. Because of the rectangular shape of the knob, it works very well with the rectangular glass tile mosaic backsplash and glass front kitchen cabinets.

4. Amerock Hardware Vintage Glass Knobs

Amerock-Hardware-Glass-Cabinet-Knobs This has to be a personal favorite of mine, as I am notoriously in love with vintage and shabby chic styles. The glass or crystal cabinet knob is the perfect accessory to give your kitchen or bathroom this look. These are the ultimate in jewelry for your kitchen cabinets. Amerock hardware has several different styles of crystal or glass knobs for your kitchen cabinets, with many different shapes and finishes for the backing of the knob. This style of cabinet hardware can also work well with traditional, farmhouse, or transitional styles.

5. Amerock Hardware Traditional Sash Pull

Amerock-Hardware-Oil-Rubbed-Bronze-Sash-Pull The sash pull is one of the more commonly used styles for kitchen cabinet hardware. It has a very elegant and traditional shape and works well in most styles of kitchens, although it is not commonly seen in contemporary or modern spaces because of the curved aesthetic. Again, the oil rubbed bronze hardware is very popular, and can seem farmhouse or simply traditional. Standard round knobs are usually used in conjunction with these, but you can use them on drawers and cabinets alike.

6. Amerock Hardware Modern Bar Pull

Amerock-Hardware-Modern-Cabinet-Hardware-Contemporary-Bar-Pull Last on our list from Amerock Hardware is the modern or contemporary style bar pull. This bar pull can be found in a number of finishes, but the one shown here is brushed nickel. It comes in short lengths, long lengths and very large sizes as well as smaller. These can be used on drawers and cabinets as well. The sleek lines and straight angles give it the modern vibe and this finish as well as a chrome will coordinate nicely in a contemporary space.
There you have it, our top 6 picks for Amerock Hardware in 2016. While these are our favorite, the possibilities are endless. Visit for all their knob and pull cabinet hardware styles. Comment with any questions about specific hardware details, or visit us in store in our Louisville, Ky or Newport, Ky locations, which also serves Cincinnati, Oh. Happy Renovation!
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Written By: Allie Bloyd

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