French Country Kitchen, French Country Design Style   How do you get a French Country Kitchen, you might ask? Well, that’s why we’re here. French country style originates in, you guessed it, France! It is a European based style that has crossed the big lake to America, and many other countries around the world. When you think of French Countryside, you think of sunshine, lavender fields, and fresh blossoms. It is an old world style that is still fresh and up to date. Many people would love to design a French country kitchen, but don’t know where to get started. I’m going to give you a run down on how to design your perfect French country kitchen and home . There are many elements that contribute to the French Country style of home decor. The look is always rustic, welcoming, and nostalgic. This look can fit well in newer homes as well as older homes. The French Country style has such a warm and fuzzy feel that will fit perfectly into your home as well. Shop-Granite-Colors

Cabinet Styles for a French Country Kitchen:

I think that a raised panel or full overlay kitchen cabinet door work best for a French country kitchen. A glaze is preferred, such as our Ginger Creek Antique White Kitchen Cabinets. Distressed finishes are also a great choice for French Country kitchen cabinets. French Country Kitchen Cabinets   Colors used to decorate in the French Country style come from all over the color wheel. Beautiful Yellows and Golds, bright reds and burnt rust, grass green and hunter green, and especially blue. Turquoise, cobalt blue, light blue, and aqua tones are often present in French Country style. Pinks and whites are also popular choices. Neutrals break up the colors, like natural woods, black oil rubbed bronze or grey accents. French Country Kitchen Blue

French Country Materials:


Materials used in a French country kitchen are easy to spot. They are decorative and have a distinctive look, usually looking like illustrations or floral patterns. Children can be seen playing and ships can be seen sailing. These materials add the cherry on top to a perfect design. You can also find plaid and gingham patterns. French Country Material

Building Materials:

You will find a lot of relcaimed wood in a French country kitchen. You will usually see granite countertops or butcher block countertops. Natural materials are what you’re looking for. Rough painted plaster walls are popular, beams as seen below, carved wood furniture detail, and simple textures. Natural and tumbled stone are typical of the flooring or fireplace surrounds and beadboard is a popular backsplash choice, or just something to accent with. Copper pots and pot racks are also typical of a French Country Kitchen. White-French Country Kitchen I think an arabesque tile looks great in french country style kitchens, like this Highland Park Antique White Arabesque pattern. French Country Kitchen Arabesque Tile

French Country Floral:

Peonies are the French country flower, in my opinion. I see them in so many French country themed rooms, and it makes sense because they look so perfect with the delicate details. The pink next to the fresh white and colorful patterns of French Country style just bring a smile to my face every time! French Country Style Bathroom   French Country Bathroom Designs   cabinets hundereds  

French Country Kitchen Lighting:

Lighting for your French Country Kitchen should be easy. Stick with wire-y chandeliers, lantern style light fixtures, circular chandeliers or beaded chandeliers. French Country Kitchen Lighting  
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Written By: Allie Bloyd

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