Today we’ll be covering the best of the best Homearama Kitchens! Homearama this year at Poplar Woods in Goshen, Kentucky was incredible. The homes were perfectly decorated, impeccably built, and showcased the hottest trends in home design for the year. This post will focus on the kitchen design trends that we noticed to give you some ideas for your new construction home or your next kitchen remodel! Some trends have been consistant for the last few years, and others seem to be new. What they all have in common? They’re simply gorgeous.


Featuring Our Favorite Homearama Kitchens

Open Concept Kitchens

Every one of the homearama kitchens that I saw was open concept. Open concept living spaces are definitly what’s in, and has been for several years. This is for good reason. It gives you sight lines into your living room and dining room, allowing whoever is working in the kitchen to keep an eye on or interact with family or guests. It’s the perfect setup for get togethers and allows for a great dinner party.  

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Extra Large Kitchen Islands

This is a stunning trend that we saw in so many of the homearama kitchens. These are not your typical islands with seating for 2. These took up so much space and were the perfect gathering space for friends and family, as well as a dream come true for the home chef. Without the open concept, these ginormous kitchen islands wouldn’t have been possible. Islands have been in style for a while, but islands of this magnitude was definitly new on the scene in my opinion.   large-island-kitchen-homearama 2017

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is top of the line in terms of countertop materials. While it can be pricey, it is often comparable to granite, but has many more benefits. It never needs to be sealed, it’s antibacterial and approved for safe food preparation. It’s the most heat, scratch and stain resistant of any countertop material. Quartz was taking over the homearama kitchens! We did still see granite in a few of the homes, but quartz, white in specific, was the most popular kid in class this year. But remember, because quartz is manmade, you don’t have to stick to neutrals! Quartz colors range from firey red to deep blue and everything in between!   White-quartz-subway-tile kitchen homearama 2017 subway-and-herringone-tile  

Subway Tile

Subway tile was everywhere in homearama kitchens this year! White subway tile is still the predominant color of subway tile that you’re going to find, but definitely not the only one. As you can see above, one trend is the large format (4×16 subway tile) and grey is another popular color. Below you’ll find a variation on the classic white subway tile by using marble. The brick tile is still considered a subway tile, which is a style that I really love! Subway tile has been popular the last few years but they’re always finding new ways to mix it up.     brick-subway-tile granite countertops White-quartz-subway-tile kitchen homearama 2017  

Pot Fillers

Pot fillers were present in almost half of the homearama kitchens. They are faucets that are installed right behind your stove to help you fill pots easier, as the name suggests. They are very useful, but not necessary! Most of the time I find they are as much for the aesthetic than for the function.   pot-filler-glass cabinet doors kitchen homearama 2017 pot-filler, subway tile, white cabinets kitchen homearama 2017

Painted Cabinets

As you can see, just about every image in this post features white or cream colored cabinets. This was definitly the main trend in homearama kitchens. You just don’t see wood toned cabinets anymore. Grey painted cabinets are also a big trend but we just didn’t see them much at homearama this year. White cabinets were also popular at the last two homearama’s that I’ve attended. Painted Cabinets, White Cabinets, Arabesque

Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors are coming back, people! I love glass doors on cabinetry. It gives it a much more upscale look, and for not a huge price tag. There are many different styles of glass doors that you can choose from, and several types of glass. You can add in cabinet lighting, which most of our homearama kitchens had, to add an extra focal point and pop to the space! Glass-cabinet-doors homearama kitchens 2017 homearama kitchens 2017

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks were the sink of choice in this year’s homearama kitchens. They are functional, they are HUGE and they are so beautiful. They usually come with a higher price tag, but I’ve never met anyone with a farmhouse sink that’s regretted the choice. They give such a cute cottage feel to the kitchen and make washing dishes so much easier (as if that’s possible.) Farm-Sink white cabinets brick-subway-tile granite countertops White-quartz-subway-tile kitchen homearama 2017   There you have it! Our favorite trends from Homearama kitchens in 2017. What do you think? Is there anything that you love, hate or wish you saw more of? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd

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