Today, we’re going to give you our best tips on how to declutter your kitchen. As the new year comes in, it’s important to clear up your space, organize, and get yourself together. The kitchen can become a catch-all for an endless supply of dishware utensils, cooking tools and decor. It’s no wonder that it can become hard to find what’s necessary when you need it! Contact-Designer-Shop-Ad

Declutter your Kitchen

First – Keep, Store, Toss

When trying to declutter your kitchen, the more stuff you have, the harder it becomes. That’s why we recommend taking this time to sort. You can make this process much faster by simply asking yourself “When is the last time I used this?” If the answer is never, you put in the toss (or donate or sell) pile. If it’s been a year, you should probably store. This could be things like seasonal cooking supplies and appliances. If you’ve used it in the last year, you can most likely add it to the keep pile.

Second – Organize

The second step in clearing up your kitchen space is putting “like” things together. We all do this to some degree, but the more specific you can get, the better. Putting all of your large spoons together, your tongs together, and your specialty utensils grouped will make finding them so much easier. Instead of putting all of your pots and pans together, group them by size and type. large pots here, small pots there. Large skillets here, Cake pans there. Give them their own designated space. Declutter your kitchen - drawer organizers Utilize Vertical Space. Vertical space is often wasted, so make it work to your advantage. You can do this with so many add on products for your kitchen. It can be as simple as using hooks on the inside of your cabinets to hang things like measuring tools and pot holders. Use risers in your cabinets to give you additional levels of space, apart from your shelves. This allows you to stack much more easily and not worry about breaking your dishes. Declutter your kitchen - pull out pot racks Maximize Corners. Your corner cabinets are often hard to reach into or truly dead space. You can add lazy susans or pull out shelves to make the most of your space, organize better, and gain better access to these items. Declutter your kitchen - pull out corner cabinets There are many ways that you can declutter your kitchen, organize and maximize space to keep it that way. Some of these can be added when remodeling your kitchen, while others are after market upgrades that are affordable and easy to install, like our Hardware Resources collection of “11 minutes of less” products. While we have a lot of these products in-store, ready to take home,  you can also order anything and have it shipped to your home in days. Check out all the options here! We hope you have a wonderful start to the new year!

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