Today, we’ll be covering some amazing pet friendly spaces to add in your next remodel! To me, my pets are just as much part of my family as any human being. Because of that, their needs need to be taken into account when doing any renovation or home refresh. Pets present certain challenges that can be overcome with specific design choices, and today, we’ll show you several that will not only make your pets smile, but will make life easier for you as well. Let’s check them out!

Pet Friendly Washing Station:

This is by far my favorite pet friendly space and one that is on my list of projects to do in my own home. Bath time for my pitbull and retriever/shepherd mix is difficult, wet, and hairy to say the least. We wash them in our bath tub which makes cleaning it after a real mess. No matter how well you dry them off when they get out, they will always shake themselves off and get more water and hair all over the bathroom. This makes us want to bathe them less, but when we don’t, we risk hair and the scent of stinky dog throughout the rest of our house. It can feel like a lose-lose sometimes. This dog washing station eliminates so much of that pain.

Photo Credit to SJ Janis Company

The steps up can be built into a cabinet, which is a great idea for pets of all sizes. Knowing that there is no climbing or jumping involved can make it more appealing for a pet to get up and will definitely make it easier for the pet parent as well. This keeps water and hair in a very specific area, and one in which you don’t also clean yourself.

Built in Food & Water Bowl:

I’m sure I’m not the only pet parent who has the never ending task of cleaning up water off of the floor. Depending on the type of flooring that you have, it’s probably not pet friendly, and this could be a serious issue. I myself have a water resistant laminate flooring, but if water gets into the cracks it can still damage it, so making sure that I clean it up immediately is a big deal. The times when I’m not home to do that really make me worry. This is a great soltuion to avoid messes! The added spigot is another great idea to avoid spills to and from the water bowl. This will not only save you trouble, time and hassle, but your floor as well.

Photo Credit SJ Janis Company

Tucked Away Water & Food Bowls

Similar to the idea above, you can create a tucked away space for your pets nourishment. Many people see food and water bowls as an eye sore, and I can’t say I disagree. This look is classy and gives your pet it’s own space without you having to worry about stepping over anything. The kitchen island is a great place to do this, but you could find other nooks in the kitchen or other rooms of the house to make this look work.

Photo Credit: The Creativity Exchange

The “Mutt” Room

This is a fresh twist on a Mud Room that focuses on pets! If you have a decent sized mud room, you could still have an area for your shoes and jackets as well as your pet supplies! Depending on how many pets you have or how often you use your mudroom, dedicating the whole space to your furry friends could be a great option as well. This keeps toys and grooming supplies in an easy to reach area on the way out the door, or in a space that is easy to clean.

Photo Credit SJ Janis Company

There you have it! Our favorite pet friendly spaces for your next remodel. Which space is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd