Hey Contractors, remodelers, installers and interior designers! Today’s post is for PRO’s and we’re going to cover customer service. Dealing with customers who are using contractors, looking for contractors, hiring our installers and using our designers, we have some insight into what is working, what is not, and what could get a lot better.


If I had a dollar for every customer I heard say “I called 5 contractors and not one of them called me back!”, then I wouldn’t be writing this blog – I’d be tanning on the island that I owned from being so rich! This is one thing I’ve never quite understood. We are all business owners, managers, or working off commission. And we’re ALL BUSY. But there is ALWAYS 2 minutes that you can spare in the day to return a phone call. Even if you’re booked up for the next 6 months and aren’t taking any more business, simply returning the call and letting them know is the courteous thing to do. How it pays: Whomever gave them your number will likely be embarrassed at the lack of service you gave their friend, and will probably not refer you out again. Wether you’re really slammed at the moment or not, there is always a time when you won’t be and want the extra business. Don’t burn bridges with potential clients and future referrals from them because you’re too inconsiderate to make a call. I like to make important phone calls when I’m driving (hands free of course) or on my lunch break. We all drive, we all eat lunch. You have the time. If you aren’t too busy to take on new work and return the call quickly, you will immediately set yourself apart from others in the industry and most likely you’ll get the job.


Most things on this list seem like common sense, but to some, it’s not. You are an expert in your field. Your customer is not, which is why they’re asking for your services. I have been around contractors and designers that have belittled the customer, either directly or with their tone, for not knowing something. Your job is not only to work with the client on the project, but to inform them of the process! Ignorance is common when it comes to the ins and outs of remodeling, so help them out, don’t call them out. How it pays: When a customer feels belittled or made to feel unintelligent, they will not be happy. In today’s world of social media, a bad review is one click away. I have actually seen a bad review for a designer because he was YAWNING while talking to someone. Most likely, this designer was tired. The customer took it as he was not interested, and how they told the world. Every review either encourages or deters clients. Let your reviews speak of your kindness and helpful nature! That will gain you new business.


Sometimes as a designer or remodeler, you come across a way to save your customer some money, such as when they purchased too much of a certain material, if you find hardwood floors under their carpet, or if you’re aware of a special discount. Many people in this position do not inform the client and keep the extra money for themselves. “The client agreed to pay that much, why should it matter?”, they ask. Well, the customer won’t know the difference, it’s true. But what they WILL know is what an honest, honorable person you are. You will have turned what could have been an OK and Just fine experience for them into something AWESOME! How it pays: The same way that a bad review is a click away, so is a great one! Someone that you helped out in this way is going to jump at the chance to tell anyone and everyone about you and your business. They’ll write rave reviews and come back to you the next time they need a project done. That’s good money for you long term. Much more than if you had pocketed the money! These are a few little things that you should be aware of when working with clients, but in the end, just follow the golden rule. Treat them the way YOU would want to be treated. Consult with them before making decisions they didn’t sign off on. Get quotes in to them in a timely manner. Refer them to other professionals that they need such as plumbers or HVAC installers. All of this goes a long way in building a lasting business.
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