If you’re reading this, you’re most likely considering a kitchen remodel, or you’re about to begin one. Either way, being prepared is always the best way to go. Some people have an idea of what they expect to encounter in a kitchen remodel, but it’s not always accurate. So, we’re going to go over exactly what you can expect when working with a designer and getting a kitchen installation.


Using a Designer for a Kitchen Remodel

You may think it’s expensive to use a professional kitchen designer for your kitchen remodel. That’s not the case, at least when you work with Builders Surplus! Our design services are FREE! So, unless you’re an expert, there is no reason not to use these amazing services. They will help you find the product lines that fit your wants and needs, help you stay within budget, and alert you to any issues that may arise with any desired layout changes and help you find solutions. Here’s how the process works.

1. Initial Consultation

This meeting occurs in Builders Surplus location. In this meeting, budget is determined, as well as cabinet door style and what kind of design aesthetic you’re looking for, if you have not already decided. Product lines will be discussed and you will learn the differences in them. What is most durable, eco-friendly, budget friendly, etc.

2. Measurements

If you have your own measurements, we can get started on your design, but measurements will need to be done by us for us to guarantee the fit. If you are using your own installers, they will need to guarantee the fit for you. Measurements are VERY important in making sure your design comes out perfectly.

3. Design is Generated

Depending on kitchen size, complexity and number of people ahead of you waiting for designs, your time frame for receiving this can vary between 1-3 weeks. Initial layout is generated based on the info given in step 1 and 2. This is done in a computer system that allows you to see a 3D image of your desired kitchen with the products you choose for your kitchen remodel. HOW COOL!

4. Reviews and Changes

You could have 1 to 2 additional rounds of changes and revisions. The more up front information you can give your designer about your preferences and budget, the more accurate your initial design will be, meaning there are fewer changes to make, and you can start your kitchen remodel sooner.

5. Products are Ordered & Delivered

Take home your in stock products or arrange for quick pickup. The rest will be delivered to your home or to our store (Depending on your cabinet line) in around 4 weeks. About 1 week before your delivery, your designer will be in touch with you to make sure your installation or pick up/delivery are on schedule. During delivery, it is possible that damage can occur to your products. Please be aware of this. This could delay your kitchen remodel a bit as the manufacturer will need to send replacements. Manufacturer backorders do happen occasionally as well.

    • TIP: While you are waiting for your cabinets to arrive, start preparing your temporary kitchen or easy to prepare meals (if you are also ordering custom countertops).
    • TIP: Please have cabinet hardware in your possession before your cabinet installation date, otherwise we will not be able to install.


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Kitchen Remodel Installation

Many people aren’t really sure exactly what takes place during an installation. The most important thing I can tell  you is that this is a PROCESS, not an EVENT. Keeping that in mind will put your expectations in the right place and allow for a more enjoyable remodeling experience.

6. Installation is Scheduled

It is not necessary that you be home during the entire installation process, but you will be required to be there to let the team in and at the end of the process for the final walk through so that you can verify the job is completed to your standards and sign the final paperwork. Please note that because unforeseen issues can arise, it could change the install date, so keep this in mind when deciding to use vacation days or take off work for the entire process.

7. Cabinet Installation

Installations are typically completed within 2 days, depending on size of kitchen. Please note that we do not connect or disconnect plumbing for appliances. Our installers are not certified plumbers, so take care of this beforehand.

  • NOTE: Door and drawer fronts will typically be crooked and not lined up during installation. They will fix this at the end of the process.
  • NOTE: There will be dust, debris, and trash. Your installer will do their best to limit this, but is a part of the process. A good installer will clean up at the end of each day.

8.Countertop Template

When your cabinet installation is completed, your countertops can be templated. The installer will let your designer know what date the cabinet installation is being done so that templating can be set up. It could take up to 2 weeks to get your template done depending on which countertops you’re getting. Your sinks and faucets will need to be in your possession and all cabinets must be attached to the walls in order for this step to take place.

  • NOTE: Because templating cannot be done until every cabinet is installed in it’s final position, if any of your cabinets were damaged in transit, this can delay this step.


9. Countertop Installation

Time frames can vary depending on the countertop you’ve chosen for your kitchen remodel. In Stock granite can be installed within 1 week. In Stock laminate is installed by kitchen installer during cabinet installation. Custom countertops are installed anywhere from 10 days to 4 weeks. This depends on the season and the schedule of the installers. Be prepared to live without countertops for a month. See our blog on setting up a temporary kitchen. Preparing in advance can make this time much easier and eliminate stress for your family. Sinks and faucets will still need to be connected by a plumber after this step.

10. Backsplash Installation

This typically takes another 2 days.
After Backsplash is installed, you should be complete, unless your installers would be installing your cabinet hardware. If you are getting flooring installation done, that would be your first step before any of this occurs.
That’s about it folks! I hope we’ve covered this process to your liking and that it makes your kitchen remodel go smoother knowing what to expect!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd