HGTV is not real life. Plain and simple. The TV part of HGTV is sometimes forgotten when well meaning homeowners obsessively watch their favorite show. As a company that sells remodeling materials as well as preforms installations, the notions that HGTV can give homeowners can have real consequences. The expectations of those getting a remodel are very skewed from the way things work in the real world. But it’s not their fault! This is “reality TV” right? It’s supposed to be REALITY. But, as the last 15 years have taught us, reality TV is only partially real. It is skillfully edited, with professional “talent” and just the right customer so that the end result is always perfect. I’m here to show you the differences between real life and HGTV when it comes to a remodel. Let the truth commence. HGTV is not real life

How Can HGTV Give You The Wrong Idea?

Remodels don’t take 2 weeks.

This is probably the biggest issue that occurs from watching too much HGTV. You believe that there is a quick, set time frame that is always achieved. That is simply not the case. You may see 5 people working on the job, but they really have 30 behind the scenes, and they are working around the clock. In real life, this is a process, not an event. When doing a major remodel such as a kitchen or bathroom, there are so many moving parts. Multiples trades are typically trying to coordinate their schedules. If the electric has an issue, that has to be done before the drywall can be fixed. That has to be done before cabinetry is installed, which has to be done before countertops can be installed. If one of the trades gets backed up, doesn’t show up, or messes up, your entire timeline has been pushed back. Contact-Designer-Shop-Ad   Custom or semi-custom cabinets typically take a MINIMUM of 3 weeks, typically 4-5 just to come in. As I mentioned above, you can’t get countertops installed until cabinets are installed. Countertops have to be templated before they are made, so that process can take several weeks as well. AND WE HAVEN’T INSTALLED A THING YET! You can see how this time table is quite different than what you see on HGTV. Because of this, plan ahead! Don’t start your remodeling process November 1st and expect it to be complete by Thanksgiving. It’s never too soon to get the pieces in place if you know you want to remodel. Also, have realistic expectations for your installers! Many people assume you can get a tile job done in one day, but there are many steps that need to be completed, like letting the tile dry for several days, then grouting and letting that dry, and then cleaning and sealing. Many of the other installation processes are more complex than you realize. Don’t give your installers unrealistic deadlines, or the work could come out rushed, or you will be disappointed when it’s not done on time. HGTV Remodel

Things go wrong more often than not.

Some HGTV shows are better about this than others, but in the majority of remodels, you will encounter problems. This could be something like your cabinets being damaged in transit. Because they are custom or semi-custom, those cabinets have to be remade, and will take the same amount of time to come in as your original order, which could push your timeline several weeks. You could find plumbing or electrical issues behind your walls. You could have structural issues that need to be addressed. There are so many unexpected circumstances that could happen in a remodel that may not only cost you time, but money as well. YOU NEED TO HAVE A CONTINGENCY FUND. Don’t every spend all your money on the remodel. Set some aside for issues that may be unseen. HGTV Remodel louisville kentucky

Contractors generally don’t act the same as they do on TV.

While the contractors on HGTV are real contractors, they have shows because they are charismatic and good on camera. The process of working with a real contractor could be much different. Don’t expect them to choose your materials and color schemes, or add that “little something extra” they knew you’d love. While there are many great, quality contractors out there, you could have a hard time just getting one to call you back. Or, showing up on time. Then, making sure the work is up to par or that anything that is damaged is also repaired. That is why finding a quality installation team is so important, which is why our installation crews are professional and easy to work with. Do your homework before hiring someone and realize that contractors on TV are there because they’re good for TV.

TV prices are often not real life prices.

Remodeling networks many times will partner with advertisers that will include free materials for the show. Contractors will work at a lower rate for TV publicity. Main components of the remodel are often discussed, but many large items are left out, such as permits, demo, plumbing, electric, testing older homes for lead paint or asbestos, HVAC issues, and structural issues. They also seem to leave out many of the smaller finishing items as well, such as prep work, paint, moulding and casing, baseboards, trim, etc. The cost of those items can really add up in a remodel, so do expect to pay more than what you would see on TV. This is not always the case, but the majority of the time, the amount of work that goes into one of these properties would cost much more in the real world. Remodeling-Cost HGTV Louisville Cincinnatti

Not Every Project Gets the BIG Return On Investment.

If you were to remodel your house strictly by watching HGTV,  you would assume that you need granite or quartz countertops, custom cabinets, real hardwood floor, stainless steel appliances, to change your floor plan, and redo all your bathrooms. Depending on where you live in the country, and what neighborhood you are in, some of these updates could be major overkill. If you plan on staying in your home for life, by all means, do whatever makes you happy. But, if you plan to sell, make sure that you only do updates that will get you your money back, and more. Contact-Designer-Shop-Ad These are just a few things that we’ve noticed are not always accurate on stations such as HGTV. Their goal is not to mislead you, it’s to entertain you, so always remember that. They are using creative license the same way any other television production would. Do your research before starting any project and remember that HGTV is not real life.
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Written By: Allie Bloyd

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