I chose laminate flooring for my home, and I’m so happy with my decision. Choosing new flooring or your home is a choice that doesn’t come without serious consideration. After all, it’s a main focal point of your home. It’s going to be something that you look at and feel every single day. It also comes with a decent price tag, so you want to make sure you make the most informed decision, and one that works best for you and your family. As a retailer that sells many different types of flooring, I had a lot of options to weigh. But ultimately, laminate flooring won. Here is why I made the choice that I did, and why I haven’t regretted it for a minute!

Why Laminate Flooring Was The Choice For Me

Scratch Resistance:

I am a proud dog mom, and a lover of heels. I also move furniture around to fit my mood, whenever it may strike. So, I needed a flooring option that wouldn’t be ripped to shreds by some canine claws among other things. While hardwood doesn’t hold us so well against them, laminate solved this problem! While some are scratch resistant in an industrial setting as well as a residential setting, a simple residential scratch resistance was enough for my needs. Luckily, that was easy to find!

Laminate Flooring vs Hardwood Scraches

Hardwood Scratches

Water Resistance:

As I mentioned above, I love my pups. BUT, the occasionally have an accident. This can be devastating for real hardwood floors, and a real pain for carpet. Hardwood can be water damaged in a matter of hours if left unattended, which can happen if you happen to be away when the accident occurs.

hardwood flooring pet stains, vs laminate flooring

Pet stains on hardwood flooring

Not only that, but spills or leaks can cause the same chaos. Pulling up hardwood to replace it due to water damage is costly, and no fun at all. Our laminate is water resistant, so it was a great choice for us! While it can still be damaged if let sit too long (the face is water resistant but in between the joints is not), it gave us peace of mind knowing that if we weren’t there to clean up the issue right away, we wouldst be out of pocket or out of our minds with anger.
Water damaged hardwood

Dirt and Bacteria:

While carpet technology has come a long way in the last several years, having pets or kids can make carpet a pretty dirty place. We have a dog who gets immense joy from rolling in the dirt, and then coming inside and rolling around on the floor. Image the build up of dirt after a week or two? Not to mention the dog hair. With another long haired dog, it is a constant battle to keep up with it, and vacuums don’t always get everything. I like to be able to SEE exactly what is on my floor, so that I can clean it up. With carpet, its often a guessing game. Did I get it all? Or is it still dirty. Smells can also linger in carpet that just can’t in hardwood floors.


Stain Resistance:

While I don’t have kids just yet, I am expecting my first. On top of that, my husband and I have our fair share of clumsy moments. Stains are a reality. Wine and spaghetti sauce on carpet are never idea (and don’t forget about the pet stains I mentioned before). Not only is the clean up time consuming, it never seems to be 100%. Having to stare at the remnants of a failed cleaning every day would be enough to drive me mad! I preferred the easy clean up of laminate to that of carpet. To make areas more cozy, I’ll just get a rug! I can switch them out if they ever get too damaged or I want a change.
Carpet stains vs laminate flooring


Ok, lets be honest. We live in a world where price is an issue to be considered, at least for the majority of us. We always want to know that we are getting the best possible product for the best possible price. I am a young person in my first home. I am on a pretty strict budget. A high end hardwood wasn’t an option, even though I wasn’t sure that was the best choice for me in the end anyway. LVT is another great option, with all of the benefits of laminate flooring, but the colors that I liked were more than I was able to spend, so I made a compromise. So laminate flooring made sense to me from the beginning, because I was able to get everything I needed, at a price I could actually afford.
So there you have it. My top 5 reasons that I chose laminate flooring over hardwood floors and carpet. Do you love your laminate or wish you had chosen something else? Are you still trying to figure out which flooring is best for you? Let us know in the comments!

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Written By: Allie Bloyd