Builders Surplus has received the unique designation of Cambria Premier Dealer!

We are Louisville First and currently ONLY Premier dealer and we are honored and humbled to be given this recognition.

What does it take to become a Premier Dealer?

Premier Dealers must demonstrate and live up to Cambria’s highest standards of excellence and provide an exceptional Cambria sales and showroom experience.

Cambria Premier Dealers are:

  • Trustworthy: Cambria Premier Dealers work in conjunction with Cambria Corporate to deliver quality products with the best customer service experience possible.
  • Reputable: Reputation is everything, especially in today’s online age, where reviews can make or break a company. Cambria Premier Dealers have to uphold the Cambria name and brand.
  • Genuine: All Cambria material ordered from a Cambria Premier Dealer is 100% genuine Cambria Quartz. Many may imitate but no one can match the true beauty of a Cambria Quartz original design.
  • Innovators: Technology & innovation drives the quartz surface market further into the future. Premier Dealers must be innovative too, keeping up with today’s trends and styles.

We were Hand-Picked by Cambria Corporate!
Only the finest retailers are granted access to Cambria Quartz. Cambria handpicks and vets every dealer that they work with, to ensure a high level of quality and consistency that never tarnishes the Cambria name or experience. Stop by and see our wide selection of large Cambria samples in our showroom!