How’s it going, professionals? I hope business is well, and that you’re so slammed with jobs, you honestly don’t know what to do with yourself at the moment. It’s better to have an abundance of jobs than to be stressing where your next one will be, am I right? Today, I’d like to discuss a few options, quite literally, on how you can maintain repeating customers in your queue. You’ll do this by simply impressing your clients in a way that shows off your finesse as a master of your trade.
In essence, you’ll suggest options that may have been overlooked in the initial design and will hopefully having your customers so satisfied with your expertise that they’ll go to no one else but you during their next renovation. To do so, I’ll break it down by a number of categories – kitchen, bath, flooring, tile, and doors – and provide a suggestion that one, enhances the look of the design, and two, will make your customer very happy that they called you. Cause that’s what it’s all about, right?

Kitchen Options – Crown Moulding

It’s no secret that cabinets are a significant factor in any kitchen design. They’re essential for the appearance of the kitchen style, but also for functionality as well. Typically, larger families require more kitchen space, from both the countertops and cabinets. The trick is to blend both together, using aesthetics as well as how functional the cabinets are to produce a design that gives you the best of both worlds. Those two words in bold, two lines above are yet another way to enhance the look of the kitchen without your customer’s digging too deep into their wallets.
The Crown Moulding option is one that can COMPLETELY change the look of a kitchen. Yes, it’s that drastic. It makes the difference of your standard cabinet look to something more elegant, elaborate, and sophisticated. At a pretty low cost. There’s a wide variety of options, too. Everything from extremely intricate designs to simple, smooth beveled edges. Just throw it out as a suggestion, and let your customers determine if they like the look or not. But – and I’m willing to bet – they’ll appreciate the tip.


Bath Options – Backsplash

Ah, talk about an enhancement. A tiled backsplash in a kitchen is almost mandatory once you’ve installed a couple during bathroom renovations. It’s simply a lovely feature, and I have a theory on why that is. Bear with me here, but a design is only as good as the components that it’s made of. Let’s take the color aspect of it all. If the colors do not work, the design does not work. But if the colors mesh well with another then it becomes appealing to the eye. So, when it comes to a backsplash, it’s just another asset, or component, that helps blend in the colors in the design.
Plus, look at the materials you’re dealing with, vanity alone. You have the color of the vanity, the color of the countertop, the wall paint color, accessories, and so on…and then when you add a backsplash, it just pulls everything together to make something quite extraordinary. Once again, low on cost, relatively easy on install, and tremendous on appearance. I love this option. Your clients will, as well. Take a peek at our backsplash tile options on our website. We have a wide variety of styles and finishes that will accommodate a number if designs!

Flooring Options – Quarter Round

In the remodeling industry, as you know, you hear the phrase “finishing touches” multiple times in conversation. Putting in quarter round after you’ve installed the floor and finished trimming the room is simply one of those things you can do to really “complete” a room. That God awful gap between the base boards and the floor is simply not a good look, and yes, I know that some people are fine with it to lower costs, but the look is ten times better when it’s taken care of. Maybe twenty.
I’d definitely suggest this option if you’re renovating a wide, open area like a basement or something of that nature. Closets and storage rooms aren’t as important, but in rooms where there’s going to be a flow of traffic, where your clients will entertain their guests, and so on…this is an excellent option. It’s the dot on the ‘i’ and the cross on the ‘t’.


Tile Options – Decorative Mosaic

Out of all the options that I’ll list in this post, this is the one that I’d highly suggest. Especially if you’re installing a tiled shower or a backsplash. My father likes to call them “decos,” for short, and we’ve installed quite a bit of them for a number of clients. They absolutely love the look. To me, personally, I think it’s best exemplified in a stand-up, tiled shower. Placing them about eye level, the color blends (or contrast, if you prefer) just make it truly legit design.
Honestly, that’s as best as I can say it. It’s just a 100%, cool-as-all-get-out, bad@$$ design. Straight up. I implore you to at least suggest “deco” tiles when on your next tile job. It’s stunning. Simply stunning. Again, we have a vast amount of some of the finest design and trends in decorative mosaic tiles that one can ask for. Go take a look right here!

[bscolumns class=”one_third”]12 x 12 Silver Grey Mixed Glass Mosaic Decorative Tile at Builders Surplus in Louisville KentuckyBamboo Storm Porcelain & Glass at Builders Surplus in Louisville Kentucky


Door Options – Custom Paint it

You have many of your standard colors out there to work with, it is true. But, if you want to really make a lasting impression, suggest to your client that they purchase a custom paint to finish of their door. It may seem a bit…quirky, sure, but I’m telling you, it’s effective. Last summer, one of my father’s longtime clients had us install an exterior door for them. The lady of the house wanted the front door to “pop,” so we went with this Canary Yellow color.
\And I’ll tell ya what, if I wasn’t almost blinded while about 50 times as I applied the paint. Super bright. Vivid. Distinct. At first, I thought these characteristics were faults, but once we installed it, and drove up on it for the first time, I began to appreciate its vivacity. It drew the eye, and to me, that’s what mattered most. Suggest a custom paint color, urge your client to think outside of the box, to have a one of a kind feature in a home that will make it entirely their own. Suggest these options, and watch the effects unfurl.

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Written by: Chris Chamberlain