Hola! Alright, so today we’re going to talk a little bit about cabinetry accessories and how easy it is to upgrade your entire kitchen or bathroom in the smallest way – knobs. It’s insane to think about how this one little item, most often barely the size of a ping pong ball, can completely change the look and feel of cabinet design. More specifically, I’d like to look at the top knobs by Top Knobs, a company with a plethora of unique, decorate cabinet hardware, complete with style and design.

Top Knobs – Transitional Style

Top Knobs

top_knobs4On the Top Knobs blog page, they’ve recently written about a project they just finished up for a family that lives in Washington D.C. The pictures you see above is the finished product, and this pull directly above it is what they used. Characterized as a Transitional Design (a mixture of Traditional and Contemporary styles),  the Pennington pull bar has a sleek finish to it, and as you can tell, really pulls off the modern look of the family’s rowhouse kitchen. The elegance and richness of the pull bar blends so well with the color and cabinet design. One of my favorite things about this company is that it’s in no way narrow-minded. Yes, their company is promptly labeled “Top Knobs,” but they offer other variations, like this one, giving homeowners plenty of options to choose from.

Top Knobs – Contemporary Style



After perusing around the Top Knobs website and blog, which by the way could be a huge time suck if you’re interested, I have to say that my personal favorite is the Traditional style. Featured above is their Aspen II collection, and I think it’s brilliant. One of the main characteristics of the contemporary style is its sleek design, and that is fully displayed in this beautiful collection. The twig pull (pictured right above) is downright fantastic! Notice this design is complimented greatly by the color of the cabinetry. I’d say this design and collection would go great with darker toned cabinets, allowing this design to literally shine. I have a plan to flip a house in the next couple of years, and let me tell ya, I’ll most definitely be looking into this Aspen collection.

Top Knobs – Traditional Style



See, this is another thing I love about Top Knobs – they’re so creative! The first knob in the above pictures sports a traditional design, but a contemporary finish. And the result is spectacular, isn’t it? This classic style is often known as “old world,” which is exactly how this company refers it to. This kind of design has been around for a millennia, withstanding the test of time. The inspiration for this certain style is derived from architecture that has lasted through the ages. Think of Greek and Roman architecture, and you can definitely see the similarities. The picture right above features the usual traditional style of handles. I think these would work perfectly with antique-styled cabinetry. It would be the icing on the cake to give off that real, authentic Victorian look.

Top Knobs

This is a company that has been heavily recognized throughout the interior design industry. It’s been featured in many publications and has been awarded numerous times for its outstanding innovation and superior design. What I’ve given is merely a glimpse of what this company has to offer. Literally all of their collections boasts of beautiful design work and creativity. There’s one thing that is abundantly clear when it  comes to the entire company and its sophisticated product – there’s hundreds of choices and they’re all the right one.

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Written by: Chris Chamberlain