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Butcher Block Countertops

  • Very Trendy
  • Consider the maintenance
  • Fits a variety of styles
  • Inquire For Custom Butcher Block Countertops

Why Custom Countertops?

Custom countertops can make you stand out from the crowd. The growing farmhouse, shabby chic, and craftsman trends have contributed to the popularity of these two types of custom countertops. Butcher block is an amazing material and is fairly durable. You do need to be careful cutting or with heavy appliances on the countertop. However, you are able to sand and refinish butcher block if you do create any damage. It does need to be sealed on a fairly regular basis, with many suggesting once a month. It looks beautiful with so many design styles and with virtually any color of cabinetry. We offer custom butcher block countertops, so please speak with a designer and they will help you get the butcher block countertop process started in Louisville, Newport or Cincinnati.