Exterior Doors

Often considered the main focal point, a beautiful exterior door is essential for excellent curb appeal.

Interior Doors

Interior doors are a household's visual point of entry. . Available in wood, fiberglass, and steel, we're sure to have the doors you're looking for and at an affordable price, too!

Custom Doors

There's nothing wrong with wanting something to be entirely your own. At Builders Surplus, we understand the urge to achieve that unique feel in your house.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are an extremely hot commodity -- the trend has taken the nation by storm! It's innovative nature and peculiarity inevitably draws the eye, and makes for an outstanding element to any room design. It's versatile, too!  Paint it, stain it, or simply clear coat it to express its natural look.

Interior Door Hardware

The inside of your house, no doubt, has a certain style of appeal. You’ve done this by meshing together materials that blend well in unison. Well, your interior door hardware is no different. The doors within your household are the transitions from room-to-room, style-to-style and should therefore be accompanied by hardware that exemplify its style.

Exterior Door Hardware

This significant piece of material acts not only as the mechanism in welcoming friends, family, and all guests alike into your home, but it accentuates the style as well. Available in a variety of finishes, our exterior door hardware is of the highest quality and will blend wonderfully with the door of your choosing.


Lead Form - Doors Specific


They are a major contributing factor to an extremely essential interior design element - the transition. They are primarily responsible for the flow of style and design from room to room. Think of them as a pause button that can easily be resumed. They act as the subtle punctuation between various compliments, techniques, and designs. In other words, they can be seen as the beginning of a design and also the end. At Builders Surplus, we know their significance, which is why we offer such a wide variety and at a fair price! Check out what we have by stopping by at any of our Cincinnati, Newport & Louisville locations or by contacting us here!

If your interior design theme is to create a welcoming ambiance, keep your mind open to the elegance of an exterior door. It's what makes a house a home after all. You can do so by adding your own personal, creative touch to a door. Make that entryway you've envisioned come to life! We would be more than happy in making your dream become a reality.