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Exterior doors

Exterior doors

Entry Exterior Doors

The entry door is pivotal for a couple of reasons. It is quite often the first feature a person sees when they look at a house. In knowing that, you should want to make an exceptional impression, right?  Not just for the comment's sake of your friends and family, but to build an everlasting, visually endearing curb appeal that's been influencing home buyers for years. Even if you're not selling, the appearance of your front yard is strongly contributed by the look and design of your main, front door. That endearing moment of inviting your guests inside should be accompanied by a fantastic entryway, one that breaches the path to that beautiful place you call home. 

Exterior doors  

Patio Exterior Doors

Much like the entryway, your patio door is a way to accentuate the area around it. In this case, a patio or a deck. Creating that open, let's-feel-the-breeze atmosphere could be as simple as installing a Full-View, French Exterior Patio Door. Great thing is, there are many options to choose from! Like the look of the grid? Once again, no problem. At Builders Surplus, we have several options to choose from, and we know you'll have no trouble in choosing the right one for you and your home.

Exterior Doors

Doors are a necessity. You understand that, and so do we. Just because it’s a necessity, though, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it in the process. Choosing a style, a color, or a design that fits within the confines of your home’s decor can be extremely exciting. At Builders Surplus, we strive to be a part of that adventure, which is why we’re always available to ask any questions or offer our professional opinion to cater to your interior design and home renovation needs. So let us help you get started with your exterior door project today! Come visit us at any of our Newport, Cincinnati, & Louisville locations or contact us here!

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