Hardwood Flooring

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hardwood flooringSolid Hardwood Flooring

  • Classic hardwood strip floor
  • 100% hardwood milled from individual pieces of lumber
  • Available in different types of wood - Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Maple & More!

hardwood flooring

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

  • Versatile
  • Allows you to create your own unique finish that suits your interior
  • Smooth edges

hardwood flooring

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

  • Made from wood all across the globe - South America, Asia, and Africa
  • Masters the look of distinction and uniqueness
  • Available in Acacia, Bamboo, and Iroko wood.

hardwood flooring


Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Layered hardwood
  • Designed to reduce moisture problems
  • Will not swell or warp
  • Very low maintenance!
  • Cost effective

hardwood flooring

Cork Flooring

  • Soft under the feet
  • Environmentally sound!
  • Warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • Provides a unique, cutting edge finish

hardwood flooring


  • An important part of the flooring process
  • Prevents squeaking
  • Enables lightwood floors to have a solid, stable sound
  • Protects against moisture
  • Ensures durability and performance for any hardwood floor

About Hardwood Floors – Louisville, Newport & Cincinnati

Hardwood floors tend to give a household a look of elegance and pure sophistication. It is the kind of finishing project that can take one’s breath away when entering a room. But along with the stunning attractiveness of the flooring, it also has plenty of functional purposes as well. For starters, it is extremely low-maintenance, which allows a homeowner to enjoy the created ambiance for years and years to come. Cleaning the floor can now be as easy as grabbing a Swiffer broom. The floors also act as an excellent insulator, keeping the feet comfy and cozy during even the dead of winter. No more cold toes. If you have pets and have relatives or friends that are allergic, no problem! Hardwood floors are hypo-allergenic – there’s simply nowhere for pollen, pet hair, or mold to cling to. The variety of this kind of flooring is incredible, too. Whether it’s a different design, color or texture, there is sure to be a style that calls your name. The most noted benefit of hardwood flooring is its ability to increase a home’s value, though. This type of flooring has been around for centuries and withstood the test of time. That’s just not something that goes unnoticed.

At Builders Surplus, we provide six styles of this delectable flooring, and also ensure a safe, correct, and satisfying installation at any of our Louisville, Newport, & Cincinatti locations!

Let us help you choose the perfect Flooring for your home!