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7mm Laminate

Our 7mm laminate flooring collection offers a beautiful, natural looking surface at an affordable price. Thicker than 6mm and narrower than 12mm, 7mm is designed for moderate foot traffic. Starts @ only 0.99 sq.ft.

8mm Laminate

8mm laminate is very similar in quality and feel to the 7mm. The difference between 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm laminate flooring is simply the thickness. When deciding what laminate is right for you, remember that thickness does  not determine durability. Durability of a laminate floor is measured by the AC rating, which rated the wear layer. The higher an AC rating is, the more durable the floor will be.

10mm Laminate

10 mm laminate options has great acoustic benefits over thinner laminate flooring options - the thicker the plank, the more realistic the sound and feel. They’re also easier to install and more durable.

12mm Laminate

Our 12mm laminate choices perform excellently in high traffic areas. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a robust and durable surface. Starts @ only $1.69 sq.ft.

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