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I was really set on remodeling my kitchen after moving in to my fixer upper. We had a lot on the to-do list, so I wasn’t sure that it was going to be in our budget. We met with a designer anyway, just to see, and they showed us how we could get the exact cabinets that we wanted, and still stay within our price range!

-Jennifer P.

My wife was 7 months pregnant when I decided to remodel our bathroom. I thought I had plenty of time. I got it demoed, but then our baby came early! I needed a functioning bathroom for my wife and daughter to come home to. Builders Surplus was amazing. They helped me get it done quickly and it turned out great! My wife loved it!

– Tim B.

Spectacular Remodels, Satisfied Clients

Victor Wolford – Kitchen Remodel

Victor is a real estate agent. His family was searching for a new home, and he was having a hard time finding a home that met all his criteria, such as layout and location, that was move in ready. He found a home with the right bones but in need of a serious remodel. Luckily we helped him transform the space to one he loved!

Polly Wilder – Bathroom Remodel

Polly Wilder had lived in her condo for 5 years, hating her bathrooms each and every day. She finally decided to take the plunge and remodel the master bath. After seeing how wonderfully it turned out, she knew she needed to do the guest bath. These bathrooms are amazing!

Nicole Miller – Kitchen Remodel

Nicole bought a foreclosure, and wanted to turn it into the house of her dreams. She was on a pretty tight budget, but wanted a gorgeous space. She wasn’t sure how she would get it, until she came to Builders Surplus. We helped her with design, products and installation to give her the style she wanted, under budget!

Ed Kopp – Kitchen Remodel

Ed Kopp and his wife Ana Lynn moved into a home that they loved, but it had a kitchen that they HATED. It was not set up for entertaining, and was a dark, outdated style. It was almost a deal-breaker. Then, they came to Builders Surplus for their brand new Designer Waypoint Kitchen with quartz countertops. They got the best of the best, for LESS!

Jenn Brown – Bathroom Remodel

Jenn is an interior designer and was remodeling her home completely. She wanted to take the blocked off bathroom, open it up and add some farmhouse flair! We were able to help her do just that. Her new space is warm and inviting, and rich with style!

April Douglas – Property Manager

April Douglas used Builders Surplus for her remodels as property manager of The Parks of Hurstbourne Apartments. She used us for design, products, and installation services for dozens of units, and was thrilled to work with a company that could deliver all of her needs with one single main point of contact. She loved the ease of working with us!

Why Use a Builders Surplus Kitchen or Bathroom Designer?

Builders Surplus is a Remodeling Retail Store that also offers FREE design services AND installation!
We have kitchen and bathroom products for EVERY price point and style.

All products are high quality, unused materials, but at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay!
Choose from our special buy, in-stock and custom order selections at up to 70% off every single day!

Our professional kitchen & bathroom designers have 2 goals: To get you the space you want for a price you can afford, and to make the process as seamless as possible. Sign up today!

We take our clients from lack of function or beauty in their home, to the space of their dreams!
Imagine a kitchen that you or your family love to gather in.
You sit around your island talking, laughing and sharing your day. You cook meals together and push away the stresses of the world. This kitchen becomes a space you will look back on as an important part of your life. THAT is what we aim to give our clients.
Imagine a bathroom that feels like an escape from the world.
Whether you’re a mother who needs some time for herself after giving to others all day, a couple who wants to reconnect in a spa-like environment, or someone who simply enjoys a clean, beautiful space to unwind in, your bathroom can be that…and so much more.
Let us help you achieve it.
For the best price.
Withthe least amount of stress.
In the shortest amount of time possible.
That’s what you get when working with a Builders Surplus!
Schedule your FREE appointment today!

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