Okay, before you start the demo phase, which is incidentally my favorite phase, you absolutely positively have to look at these five bathroom styles. Now, I understand that if you have a sledgehammer on deck then you’ve probably (hopefully) already have your design plans in order and you’re quite ready break ground on this bad boy, BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t allow of a few minor adjustments. Today, I’d like to discuss a few bathroom options, putting everything into perspective in terms of style, including vanities, tops, plumbing, sinks, and tiles.

Traditional Bathroom Styles

The tried-and-true style, as I like to call it. Some call it ordinary, some call it plain, I simply see it for what it is – classic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to the roots without the fancy-shmancy accommodations that some other styles may provide. I’m not knocking other styles, I’m just saying that going the “traditional” route is almost like going to your hometown after a years and years from settling elsewhere. It’s comfortable. It’s safe, and it still provides that warm glow deep in your soul that filters throughout. Simply put, it’s home. And it’s as they say: There’s nothing wrong with going home.

bathroom styles

Modern Bathroom Styles

We’re talking glass showers, sleek sink fixtures, lone freestanding tub, large windows, and as much space as you can manage with this style. The greatest thing about the modern-style is how sleek everything looks. The picture below is actually identified as “modern-minimalist,” and when you get a good look at it, you’ll understand why, but as it is, every element of the bathroom is tasteful, sleek, elegant. It’s easy on color to give away its rich texture. In all of these bathroom styles, this has to be my favorite. Especially since it’s low-key minimalist themed as well. Very sophisticated.

bathroom styles

Hamptons Bathroom Styles

Something I’ve actually very recently been doing a bit of research on, is the Hampton-style. As you can see in the picture below, this style boasts very neutral colors, the majority being white and prides itself on chicness. Subway tile is usually infused in the mix or marble, one of the two. As far as the vanity goes, the shaker style is what’s best for the Hampton look. Usually, again, white to emphasis it’s standout, bright aura. Another added note with this style is the sconce lighting that usually hangs on either side of the mirror, or in the middle. The tapware is usually chrome or nickel-plated. Definitely more of a traditional feel when it comes to the fixtures. Anyhow…I think it’s pretty cool. What do you think?

bathroom styles

Contemporary Bathroom Styles

Similar to the modern style, contemporary brings you an extremely sleek design. Notice how the colors are all very neutral save for one, small accent wall in the background. The fixtures aren’t your common, typical ones, either. They’re fixed to the wall, which completely eradicates any “traditional” style make-up in this design. The look it portrays clearly defines as it a style that lives in the now, in the present, but still establishes room for variation. For example, you could accompany these tones with that of a Hampton-style and still get the same effect, if that makes sense. It’s not my favorite, I admit, but I do appreciate the bold nature of this type of style. For sure.

bathroom styles

Rustic Bathroom Styles

Ah, the rustic look. Who doesn’t like this kind of style is my question. This style of bathroom gives you many options to explore your creativity and allows you to antique some aspects of your bathroom and really push forth that rustic, classically-aged look that I like. In the picture below, I really really like the door style. It’s a craftsman style door setting, but it fits in with the rest of the bathroom. To make a project out of it, you could find an unfinished alder cabinet and reclaim the wood to give it that aged look. This style can usually be found in your country-themed houses, as it really works well with that design. What do you think?
bathroom styles

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Written By: Chris Chamberlain