kitchen remodel Completely renovating your kitchen is a sure way to put a dent in your pocketbook, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to go that route. At all. In this post, I’ll discuss five simple, do-it-yourself upgrades that can completely revamp your kitchen remodel! These suggestions are relatively quick, requiring minimal time, and are completely cost-effective. Plus, most of these options can be achieved by the help of your neighborhood home improvement store, Builders Surplus! We carry most of the products needed to achieve these awesome upgrades, and we’d love to assist you in any way in making your dream kitchen remodel a reality. Feel free to stop by in any of our Louisville, Newport, and Cincinnati locations to check out some of the amazing deals we offer, including top-notch products at absolute money-saving prices. See ya there! FreeDesign

Kitchen Remodel – Cabinet Hardware

kitchen remodel Changing the look of the cabinet hardware in your kitchen is a nice, gentle touch to switch up the overall appearance. It may seem like a small adjustment, but I promise you, once you’ve changed the knobs on each cabinet to a different style or design then step back a couple paces, you’ll see a major difference. kitchen remodel Also, you’re in luck! We carry some of the best lines in cabinet hardware including Top Knobs, Jeffrey Alexander, and Amerock. These lines provide the coolest, sleekest designs to accessorize your cabinets, and are adaptable to any kitchen remodel design! Whichever style you’re trying to accomplish – traditional, rustic, contemporary, or modern – these brands have beautiful pieces of each, making it suitable for all.

Kitchen Remodel – Install a Backsplash

kitchen remodel There’s just something about a kitchen with a backsplash that literally sets everything in motion. This feature gives you the opportunity to make your entire kitchen blend in, even by creating contrast. Bring out the colors in your countertops by accentuation, letting the backsplash push those colors forward. Or, create contrast and play with the lights and darks of your kitchen. kitchen remodel   Tile-Shop-Ad You could also just make it neutral, and let the colors flow around it. Honestly, it doesn’t matter, because it’s going to bring about an appearance that screams “elegant kitchen,” instead of an ordinary, painted back wall. We have brilliant pieces of mesh-back tile in-stock and ready to go. Interested? Check out our mesh back tile options, and find something that suits your fancy!

Kitchen Remodel – Pull-Down Faucet

kitchen remodel When you’re in your kitchen, you want to be comfortable, right? Just like any other room in your household, you’d like the functionality to be bar-none, and everything should be super simple. Well, installing a pull-down faucet covers that entire scope. Not only does it look good, but it feels good knowing that the dreaded chore of doing dishes can simplified by a fixture. kitchen remodel Technology, by definition of usage, is a means of making life easier. Installing a pull-down faucet in your kitchen can ease your daily life, upgrading your kitchen not only be appearance, but in function, as well.

Kitchen Remodel – Crown Moulding

kitchen remodel   Cabinets-Shop-Ad Installing crown moulding on your cabinets is a masterful way to upgrade the appearance in your kitchen. There are many designs to choose from, some more elaborate than others, but one thing is for sure, it makes for instant gratification. kitchen remodel After all, a beautiful design is achieved partly by the resources you use. Installing crown moulding is a quick, inexpensive way to amp up the look of your kitchen cabinetry, a prominent feature in any kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodel – Light Fixtures

kitchen remodel The lighting in your kitchen plays in an important part in your kitchen design. Maybe you feel as if there’s just not enough light in your kitchen or you just don’t like the look of the fixtures. Now, during your kitchen remodel, you can change that and add fixtures that not only give you the ample light you need, but look good while doing it. kitchen remodel A couple of weeks ago, my dad and I visited one of our usual customers to talk about the lighting in her kitchen – there just simply wasn’t enough. But instead of rewiring for additional fixtures, we thought of another idea, one that we’ve used before in a bathroom and were mesmerized by the effect. A skylight. We installed a 14-inch skylight that provides the light output of 5 100w lightbulbs! Crazy, right? And it turned out beautiful. In fact, she told us a few days later that she doesn’t even have to turn on the kitchen lights in the daytime. Exceptional.  
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