Alright, so you’re living in Cincy. Perhaps you’ve just purchased a house and have some work to do to make it exactly to your liking OR you’ve been living there for a while and feel the need to make some adjustments. It goes without saying that this process can get a bit overwhelming, so during this blog post, I’d like to lay it all out for you on how to achieve the best Cincinnati kitchen remodel!
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This is a HUGE component to the entire process, and it’s multi-faceted, so listen up, folks. As part of the planning process, you need to know exactly what you’d like to do. Whether it’s your or your spouse, or both, it’s essential that you try to pinpoint exactly what you’d like to do before you go out shopping. The reasoning is simple.
kitchen remodeling Cincinnati
If you have a good idea of your wants and needs, you can fixate your budget, as opposed to shopping around blind, and end up spending much more than you accounted for. There are some truly brilliant design commodities in this industry, but some are better suited than others. Please, keep that in mind.
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Research Contractors

Once you’ve gathered all of your thoughts on what you’d like to do, it’s time to do a bit of research. First, you should research contractors around the Cincinnati area. Go online, look at reviews, ask around on social media, and make a list of the contractors you like. I encourage you to visit the Better Business Bureau website on contractor services in the Cincy area. In fact, if you’ll click here, it’ll direct you to the full list that you’ll need. Once you’ve done this, call them.
Explain in as much detail as you can on what you want your kitchen remodel to be entirely. Once you’ve done this with each respectable contractor, it’s time to get estimates. This will determine your budget as far as labor goes. This number will dictate how much you’re willing to spend on the materials you’ll need – the other half of this process.

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Research Materials

Now, for the fun part. Getting the materials you need for your Cincinnati Kitchen Remodel. I encourage you look around to as many department stores as you can in the Cincy area. But, and I would be remiss not to mention it, we have a store located in Newport that should accommodate your entire kitchen remodel. I say you should compare because once you do, you’ll see how truly great out prices are, and why the services we offer are such an incentive.

Feel free to head to our website and check out what we have!  We have cabinets, hardware, countertops, sinks, and plenty more where that came from. Once you’ve shopped around and picked out what you’d like…it’s nearly time to start.
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Remodel Time

You’ve got your contractor, you’ve picked out your materials, and now it’s time to break ground on your Cincinnati Kitchen Remodel! Okay, so, the number one thing I have to make sure I get across is to be patient. Patience is key during this entire process. It’s going to be noisy, you’re kitchen will be gone as you know it, and it’ll never be the same. Cause eventually, it’ll be better. But, it’s important to note that you are losing some things, like the obvious, a place to cook meals.
Amazing kitchen remodel Cincinnati
Pretty important, I’d say. It’s imperative you take this into consideration. Make a temporary meal-making place, plan to have dinner with some neighbors, go out to eat at a family restaurant a couple nights a week. Ideally, you have a contractor that you trust, and you can go away for a little bit, but we don’t live in a perfect world, do we? In any case, have patience and solace in the fact that when it’s over…you’ll have your dream kitchen. Case closed.

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And there it is, folks. Your Cincinnati Kitchen Remodel. It really is all about planning, so it is in my hopes that you heed my advice. Plan accordingly, and be patient. It can be as simple as that.

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