Everyone should aim to achieve a timeless style. We all know how expensive and time consuming remodeling and decorating can be, so you should try and do them only once every blue moon. Here are 5 ways to achieve timeless style in your home! Contact-Designer-Shop-Ad

Timeless Style Means Staying Away From “Trends”

Trendy is the opposite of timeless. Trends come and go, while timeless style lasts decades. That’s not to say that elements can’t be “In Style” but also be classic, like white cabinets or subway tile. These things have always been popular, but come to the forefront in design some years more than others. Themes, bright colors, certain patterns or shapes can be trendy items. In the end, it’s YOUR home, so if you love it and it’s on trend, don’t let that stop you. What you want to stay away from is remodeling to the design trends of the moment, just because it’s popular. As your 90’s wardrobe will tell you, we all go through phases. Make sure your kitchen or bathroom aren’t one of them. Timeless Style Wood Kitchen

Incorporate History

Incorporating history can be a great way to achieve timeless style. The styles of the past influence design in the present, so adding elements of greek architecture like arches and columns will always be timeless. Adding vintage pieces and antiques is another way to carry your look through decades. Antiques get better with age, so you won’t have to worry about growing out of them! Crown moulding and nice trim will work well to create a timeless look.

Research your style

Ultimately, the most important part of creating a timeless style is to make sure that it’s YOUR style. You’re the one living in this home, so make sure that you follow your gut on things that you believe you’ll like for years to come. Go with colors and decor that make you feel like yourself, that put your at ease and lift your mood. Good interior design should always do that. Visit Waypointlivingspaces.com to check out their awesome “Find Your Style” quiz! 1964_Waypoint_02_HR_2 TIMELESS STYLE BATHROOM

Neutral Is Key

Unless you have a life long love of the color aqua (like I do!) It’s a good idea to keep your main colors neutral. Your kitchen cabinets for instance, are something that is difficult and expensive to replace. If you go with neutral colors like white, grey or even black for your cabinets (which are also in style) you can replace other options if you ever feel bored and can rest assured that most of your choices will still coordinate with your cabinets. Countertops are similar, although easier to replace than cabinets. Choosing a bold orange quartz countertop might be modern and cool today, but you don’t know how you’ll feel down the road. Or, you could love it forever. Again, knowing yourself and your style is key.

Let Fabrics & Accent Pieces Go Bold

When your main items or walls are neutral, you can let your fabrics or accent pieces be what brings in color, pattern, texture and personality! You can choose a fun accent tile, paint a wall or add a fun wallpaper, or choose amazing bar stools! These are the things that really bring your design together. If you decide this look is getting old, you simply change them up, and you don’t have to touch those core pieces. You wouldn’t believe what a difference some paint, cabinet hardware or backsplash can do to totally change up the look of a kitchen or bathroom! I hope this has been helpful in your journey to create a timeless style within your home. If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments below!
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Written By: Allie Bloyd

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