Today, I’m going to talk about why some kitchen cabinets are sometimes a bit more costly than others. We’ll look at the direct components of a cabinet, and discuss how each element has a set of options, some more expensive than others.

Kitchen Cabinets – Wood Species

Kitchen Cabinets Character Maple or Hickory: Hands down, without question, the most expensive. This species sports a strong grain, making it solid and extremely durable. It has a rustic, or country, look that is highly sought after, but at a steep price. Kitchen Cabinets Cherry: This is the more traditional approach, and definitely more expensive than most.  A cherry wood species stains magnificently, going on smooth and easy to soak in. Whereas some other wood might take a few coats, this one reveals an outstanding, fine finish with one. It has warmer, red tones and tends to darker over time. Kitchen Cabinets   Maple: Cost-effective, and paints quite nicely. It can also be updated! Although, there’s less grain in this species, it is a fine one for your money. Kitchen Cabinets Oak/Ash: Another traditional look, and relatively inexpensive as well. The grain shows right through this wood species, tends to be a bit rustic, and can also be updated! Kitchen Cabinets Medium-density fiberboard (MDF): This very affordable species is a painted option only, hence the low cost. But for your money, it’s an excellent option and looks great in any kitchen.   Cabinets-Shop-Ad     Kitchen Cabinets Laminate: Another more traditional approach, ranging from a simple design to contemporary. But be careful, this species does not do well next to heat and tends to yellow if it’s set to close to an oven. Kitchen Cabinets Thermofoil: Your wallet will love this option. It’s only available in white or linen, and is yet another wood that cannot withstand excessive heat.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets – Door Options

Traditional (Standard) Overlay: Least expensive. The frame is visible between the doors. Full Overlay: Moderately inexpensive. The doors cover entire cabinet width. Inset: The most expensive option. The door set inside the frame. Slab: A bit costly. Boasts a flat, solid panel door.  

Kitchen Cabinets – Finishes

Kitchen Cabinets Standard Stain: Undoubtedly, the most cost-effective approach. It would be as if you bought some cabinets and applied the stain yourself. With this finish, the cabinet sides may have a laminated end that coordinates. Kitchen Cabinets Special Stain/Paint: This process is a bit more difficult than merely applying some stain, but the finish is that much better. Visually appealing, noticeable, but the sides need to be skinned to match, adding to the cost.   Cabinets-Shop-Ad     Kitchen Cabinets Paint Stain with Glaze: Painted cabinets are a hot commodity right now, and can make your kitchen a little bit brighter. By adding a glaze to stain or paint, the finish draws out the finer details. Kitchen Cabinets Finishing Techniques: Now depending on your budget, one of these features is an excellent finishing touch. Using a technique such as weathering, or the Vintage look adds character and lovely style, but of course, all at a nice price, too.  
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