Galley kitchens have become one of the few things to make home buyers and owners cringe (besides shag carpeting.) They are known for being closed-off, unwelcoming, and dark. In the age where everyone wants an open concept floor plan, the galley kitchen is quickly added to the cons list when someone is looking for a renovation project. But what if we told you that you can turn your galley kitchen into a space that you won’t dread working in, or spending time in? Here are five easy steps that will add that wow factor to your galley kitchen's small space!

Galley Kitchen Must Have's To Maximize Space

Utilizing Light

The first step is allowing natural light to come into your kitchen. For those of you with a space that has a window, do away with the curtains and blinds. A bare window will open up your kitchen without the demolition of taking out a wall. And if you don’t like a naked window? Dress it up with some trim and add small succulents for an additional touch of green!

Do Away With Dark

Dark cabinetry can be beautiful, but it can also make your kitchen appear much smaller. Think of your galley like a photograph: if you matte a picture in black, it is going to seem more enclosed. So open up your space with our Wellborn cabinets! They are the perfect addition to any kitchen, including a galley, and offer a variety of tremendous selection of hardwoods. And for that extra depth: select cabinets with glass-fronts.

Regain Space

Another easy way to make a galley kitchen appear stifling is by decluttering your countertops. Employ your cabinets–they are there for storage! If you absolutely must leave an appliance out, make sure it has clean lines and a minimalist design.

Pops of Personality

Glass and textured backsplash can add that special dimension and personality to a kitchen. Today, there is so much backsplash available, but for a galley kitchen, we suggest reflective surfaces, geometric patterns, or unique colors. The reflective surfaces definitely increase the appearance of space in the room, the same way that adding big mirrors in a small space give it a larger feel. 

Get Illuminated

Galley Kitchen Pendant Lights

Galley Kitchen Pendant Lights

Galley Kitchen Pendant Lights

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A small space like a galley kitchen can easily be overwhelmed by the type of lighting you choose. Small pendant lights and recessed canned lighting are the way to go when you are switching up designs. They do not take up a bunch of room and leave the headspace of your kitchen open and airy. There are so many unique and beautiful pendant lights available as well that will really add a unique touch to your space. Working with the length of the room instead of against it also makes the space feel larger, and spreading out pendant lights in a galley kitchen is a perfect way to do that. I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! If you have any more questions on how to maximize a galley kitchen, comment below!

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