Admit it, when you purchase an item from a store and see the “Made in the U.S.” tag, it kinda sorta makes you feel good about your purchase, doesn’t it? I’d venture to say it’s solely because you know that you’ve just supported a company that has its roots instilled in the soil you walk on. It is a homegrown, homemade product that you’ve bought with your hard earned cash. As is the cycle of our nation’s system, and so therefore, you boost the economy, further benefitting businesses locally AND nationally.     This is why, and I’m sure you know, there’s been an influx in buying locally and supporting companies that manufacture goods in America. This is not to say that you don’t condone or intentionally not seek to benefit foreign exchange, but it’s good to know when your money is circulating within the confines of your nation. Simple as that. And that is yet another reason we love Wellborn Cabinets! They’re made right here in the U. S. of A. Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about these homemade cabinets, detailing some history, and why they’re such a hot commodity at our stores.

About Wellborn Cabinets

1961   The Wellborn family have owned and operated Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., since 1961. Think about it, that’s more than fifty years of success! Any business that makes it past the 50-year mark absolutely has a timeless product, in my opinion. You simply don’t make it that far without providing customers a timeless, durable product. The company was originally founded by Paul and Doug Wellborn, and they’re located in the Deep South, in Ashland, Alabama. Their primary goal is a prime reason for their lengthy success. In their website, their goal is “to provide kitchen and bath cabinets crafted by dedicated Wellborn employees with the utmost quality and care.” aerial-photo-1100-x-479   The company had humble beginnings, starting out in a 3,200 sq. ft (holy smokes) building that manufactured cost-effective kitchen and bath cabinets and specialized in kitchen and bath contract sales for government-financed housing. Thirty five years after its inception, Paul Wellborn bought the entire company, became the sole owner, and switched up the Wellborn Cabinet clientele, focusing primarily on residential kitchen and bath dealers. Since then, the company has expanded its reach in both size and product selection, branching out to 6 product lines. In present day, Paul and the Wellborn family manufacture the company cabinets from start to finish in a 2,000,000 sq. ft. (pick up your jaw) facility in Ashland. Their tagline reads: Wellborn Cabinet, Time Tested, Quality Craftsmanship…Your Whole Home Solution. In essence, this company is about their business, and they are NOT playing around. You have to appreciate this kind of dedication.  

Wellborn Cabinets – Made in the U.S.A.

godblessamerica   Like I explained before, it’s nice knowing the products you purchase are made here in this great nation. Wellborn Cabinets knows this, and they’ve dedicated their work to keep producing that same quality throughout its history. Their facility completely controls quality from the timber that arrives from the sawmill to the finished cabinet. This, as they say, will ensure you of a premium, quality cabinet. 100% Guaranteed. Also, this company is listed on numerous Made in America/USA websites with other manufacturers who also produce their products here, including,, and    

Wellborn Cabinets Go Green

    environment   This company is in line with a heavy commitment to our environment and for good reason, right? Their website states, “environmental stewardship has been part of Wellborn’s culture since the beginning. This responsibility has always been about more than just words and has been proven through decades of actions, investments, and practices.” Here’s another little tidbit that I find equally as fascinating: Wellborn has recycling programs that utilize wood waste to generate power and steam and continue to lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions through technology. In fact, the energy they gain from waste powers hear for 5, 124 homes in one year. That’s incredible.   greenchoice   The company “utilizes steam from from the wood fired co-generation plant in the dry kilns, heating ovens, and paint room. The process saves approximately 300,000 (MCF) thousand cubic feet of natural gas annually, a non-renewable energy source, by using collected shavings.  They also partner with their contributors to further their environmental practices! This, as they say on their page, is why you’ll find the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program seal on their cabinetry. It’s clairvoyantly clear that this company has pushed themselves in the right direction towards a better future, perfecting their practices for a safer, cleaner environment. It is as their “Green” page states, “For Our Planet – Today, Tomorrow and Always” and “For the Future of Our Children.” I’m not quite sure you can find a more giving or environmentally-conscious company than this one, folks.     children   And there you have it, folks, a company that prides itself on being born right here in the U.S.A. They’re committed, focused, detail-oriented, and have a persistent drive to manufacture a quality product to produce lasting, satisfied smile, and all in an environmentally-safe way. You can’t make up this kind of genius, y’all. I urge you to the utmost degree to check these guys out when you consider doing a kitchen or bath remodel. As I’ve detailed above, you will not be disappointed. In the slightest. Until next time, everyone, be safe, and enjoy this new year! Stay blessed!  
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