waypoint cabinets   At Builders Surplus, we feature some of the finest cabinetry lines that your money can buy. One of these lovely lines is Waypoint Cabinets, and they’re very much sought after in both kitchen and bathroom designs. Today, I’d like to discuss the many reasons why these cabinets are such a fan favorite and continue to be one of our best-sellers in store.  

The Variety

Hey, when it comes to refinishing your bathroom or kitchen, you can never have too many options. Indecisiveness out the window, having an excellent variation of options makes the whole process easier instead of being limited to only two or three choices. So, when it comes to people loving Waypoint Cabinets, having a variety is definitely one of the more redeeming qualities. The company has five collections to choose from – the 400, 500, 600, 700, and Thermofoil series – and that’s just where the choices begin. You’re also able to pick from a variety of door styles, stain colors, and finishes including Auburn Glaze, Espresso, Honey, Cognac, Silk, Linen, and Stone. And that’s just to name a few. Seriously, folks, endless possibilities here.      

The Quality

Above anything else, this is what Waypoint is known for. It’s true, there are many cabinet companies in the market, but this line is known for achieving that beautiful combination of an aesthetically-pleasing cabinet with prime functionality, which allows these stunning cabinets to be at the forefront of any design. The quality is exquisite. They use a sturdy hardwood when manufacturing their cabinets, making them extremely durable. Cabinets are used on the daily – constantly opening and closing – so it’s best if you look for ones that will last in longevity. In knowing this, Waypoint produces a product that is built beautifully AND build to last. I’d say this is one of, if not, the primary reason for Waypoint’s popularity.

The Creation

Waypoint Cabinets are made right here in the U.S.A. For those of you that shop local and know why it’s important to, you’ll understand why this is a pretty big deal. These days it seems like we’ve lost all of our materials and manufacturers to foreign estates, but when you come across a product like Waypoint’s and also find out that they’re right here, on this soil, you take note. Furthermore, they are made with some of the finest woods that God’s green Earth has to offer and cut into many different shapes and styles so as to accommodate a realm of different designs. Yes, they’re thoughtful like that.          

The Promotions

Every month, Waypoint comes through with at least two promotional offers that are designed to give you, the customer, a better bang for your buck. Some of these offers entail a free cabinet from any given series, or a 10% discount on the 600/700 series, and so on and so forth. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen or bathroom, these promotions are perfect for you! The promos are activated with orders of twelve cabinets or more, and on some of them, the offers can be combined. They’re serious incentives, and when you take a look at what you’re getting, you begin to realize the benefits of the whole package. It’s very, very difficult to pass up. Take a look at our Promotions page and see what deals you can get this month!           In all, Waypoint Cabinets are truly amazing products, ones that will ensure you of a beautiful kitchen design. It’s because of this that I strongly suggest you come take a look at what we have to offer in store at any of our two locations in Louisville or Cincinnati. Don’t just take my word for it, everyone. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, and you’d like a bit of advice on styles, on cabinetry or otherwise, then come on in for a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION! We’d be glad to help you on your way to a dream renovation!  
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