I’m Todd Bauer from Builder Surplus, and today, I’m excited to revisit our popular guide on measuring countertops for granite and quartz. I’ve created a detailed YouTube video to make this process even easier for you. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned DIYer, this updated guide, paired with our new video, will ensure you get precise measurements for your dream kitchen. Let’s dive in!”

Measuring Guide:

“Measuring your countertops is the first crucial step in your kitchen makeover. With our latest techniques and tools, you’ll find this process a breeze. Here’s a quick refresher on the essential steps:

  1. Measure Length and Depth: Start by measuring the length from the corner to the end of your countertop. Remember, standard countertops are about 25.5 inches deep, but always double-check your specific layout.

  2. Consider Appliance Spaces: Don’t forget to measure the spaces around your stove or other appliances. For instance, standard stoves are typically 30 inches across, but always measure to ensure accuracy.

  3. Island Measurements: If you have an island, measure both the length and the depth. A standard small island might be 60 inches by 36 inches, but variations are common.

  4. Calculating Square Footage: Now, let’s do the math. Convert all your measurements from inches to square feet. For example, 120 inches in length and 25.5 inches in depth will give you 21.25 sq. feet. (See our video for a detailed walkthrough of these calculations!)

  5. Account for Overhangs and Cutouts: If your island has an overhang, or if you have cutouts for sinks or cooktops, measure these separately. These details are crucial for a perfect fit.

“Ready to transform your kitchen? Watch our detailed video guide to master countertop measurements like a pro. Once you have your numbers, schedule a FREE countertop consultation with our experienced designers. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Happy Remodeling, and we look forward to bringing your dream kitchen to life!”


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