It can be somewhat confusing or overwhelming if you are shopping for new kitchen cabinets. From stained to painted, there are so many options to choose from. Here we would like to discuss out top ten favorite kitchen cabinet finishes with you. We'll start with some of our customer favorites and then work our way into individual fancies. Let's dig in.  

1. Painted Silk Cabinet Finishes

The next three, mind you, are all painted finishes. I was talking to one of our top designers and he told me that 75% of all his designed kitchens are accommodated by cabinets with painted finishes. Paint is just right now in the industry, across the board, and when in terms of color — neutrality is usually the go to. Painted Silk is an off-white color, perfect for most styles, designs, and blends beautifully in a kitchen space. On Waypoint’s website, they describe Painted Silk as follows: “This hushed silky finish, in hues reminiscent of vanilla ice-cream, serves as a versatile choice for any living space. With inspired hardware, furnishings and décor, this choice is anything but vanilla.” To me, it’s a finish that fits those who want to keep the neutral tone, but add a little bit extra. Vanilla-Ice cream, they said. Can’t help but to laugh at that.    

2. Painted Linen Cabinet Finishes

Our customers are absolutely loving the all-white finishes these days, and it’s like I previously mentioned, it’s paint or nothing for folks, as of late. It’s just a hot commodity for a variety of reasons. It’s clean and exudes an “updated” appearance, if you know what I mean. It’s crisp. The same can be said for the Painted Linen cabinet finish. It’s a sharp-white color that paints, no pun intended, a pretty classic picture. White is as neutral as it gets in terms of style. It’s no surprise that this finish would be a customer favorite. It’s definitely one of mine.     Waypoint speaks of its sophistication, saying, “A crisp, clean, ivory color that can create an open, fresh space, and when styled with monochromatic tones, can feel very sophisticated.” I couldn’t agree more. What do you think?  

3. Painted Stone Cabinet Finishes

As far as these painted finishes go, this one is most definitely my favorite. The Stone finish is a lovely, light gray that, while still can be seen as neutral, has a bit of boldness to it that looks stunning in a kitchen space. If you want something edgy, but not overly so for your kitchen cabinets, I’d say this is your best bet. It’s one of those colors that can modify  a mood as soon as you enter the room. I think it’s the uniqueness of it that brings this effect.   It’s one of those colors that can modify  a mood as soon as you enter the room. I think it’s the uniqueness of it that brings this effect.  

4. Painted Cashmere Cabinet Finishes

Ah, the Cashmere color is a very alluring one. Once again, I have to reiterate, that the painted finish just gives off a very clean look. This color, as Waypoint states perfectly, looks like the finest, crisply-ironed pair of khakis that you’ve ever seen. In person, it looks like a very light butterscotch.   Waypoint describes this finish with the following:  “This smooth finish is reminiscent of a most exquisite neutral khaki. This versatile and inviting tone is the perfect canvas for styles from traditional to modern.” So, as you can see, it’s still one of those colors that will blend with any style. It’s as glorious as its name.    

5. Painted Ember Glaze Cabinet Finishes

Classified as a taupe color, the painted ember glaze cabinet finish is one for the books. Do you see the running trend here? The neutrality of these painted finishes are so sought after because they allow room in design and detail, something that the more, outlandish colors cannot offer. Painted Ember Glaze falls in line with silk and linen in that respect.     Waypoint describes this finish, “A deep taupe glaze warms our Harbor door’s painted finish. The glaze collects in the bevels and contours of the door cut to create a unique hand-finished artistic feeling. It can be dressed up or down depending on one’s taste.”    

6. Antique White Cabinet Finish

The Antique White Cabinet Finish is one of our favorites here at Builders Surplus. It offers a high end look with an extremely affordable price. It’s a timeless style — hence the name — and looks absolutely breath-taking in a kitchen space.     Much like Waypoint’s Silk, Ginger Creek’s Antique White has the off-white color tone. One of our classic finishes that continues to be a monstrous hit in the kitchen remodeling industry.  

7. Divinity Java Glazed Cabinet Finishes

Wellborn Cabinetry has a beautiful glazed finish line featuring a number of gorgeous colors and finish techniques, like Heritage, Antique, Olde World, and Seaside. The Divinity Java Glazed, as you can see below, is a soft color that embellishes the darker tones around it. If you have a strong affinity toward dark browns in your kitchen, then I’d definitely check out this finish. It’s a brilliant one.  

8. ColorInspire Glacier Cabinet Finishes

Wellborn has a pretty cool collective of vibrant paint finishes, ColorInspire, that may seem unorthodox by text, but truly amazing once seen in person. In the picture below is a room scene of ColorInspire’s Glacier look. This is where my quirky side comes into the mix of this blog post. Blue is undoubtedly one of my favorite colors. Again, if someone mentioned blue cabinets before I saw them, it would be give me pause, but seeing this finish in action, I’ve not only inspected further, but fell in love with the finish. What do you think?    

9. Pebble w/ Carriage Technique Cabinet Finishes

Okay, so I know the name is a little bizarre, but bear with me, here. Hopping onto the Wellborn train again, we have a Pebble (painted finish) but with a bit of a twist.   Wellborn has several finishing techniques, meaning additional cabinet work that makes the appearance look aged or Era-specific. This one, the Carriage technique, features a rub through, small dents, and worm holes — like an 18th century carriage would, perhaps. Beautiful technique. Marvelous in a kitchen space.  

10. Glacier Fawn w/ Brush Technique Cabinet Finishes

Wellborn has another Finishing Technique that’s heavily adored — the brush finish. Looks and feels like someone just applied a coat of paint on the surface, texture and all. It’s a beautiful, authentic look.     The technique features “hand applied glaze in a subtle brush stroke overlaying the paint, providing a depth to the finish not seen with standard glazing.”   There ya have it, folks! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I did putting it together. Don’t be afraid to tell us your favorite one in the comments!

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