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Kitchen Design Trends & Resolutions for 2016!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that 2016 is in full swing I’m sure that everyone is making some changes in their lives for the better. Here are some Kitchen Design Resolutions to start the year off right and make your space even more functional and beautiful – because let’s face it a cluttered kitchen is so last year. Most trends and resolutions are sticking around from 2015 it seems, but there are also some new and fresh ideas that 2016 is bringing to the kitchen table in kitchen design! We’ll get started off with our top 3 kitchen design resolutions so you can get your space in order and prepare to transform your kitchen into the heart of your home.

Kitchen Design Resolutions

Our kitchen design resolutions are simple tasks to get your kitchen organized, decluttered, and ready to be transformed!

1. Get organized.

The pantry is all over the place, small appliances out in the open to run a muck, you’re digging through the silverware to find the whisk that you may or may not have – but you swear you do. Organizing your kitchen and surrounding spaces isn’t as overwhelming as it seems. In fact, the pantry itself can be done as you go grocery shopping. Utensil organizers and pantry hacks are your best friends in the kitchen! Magazine racks or old soda boxes are great for storing canned goods; and shoe caddies are useful for storing wine! Kitchen Design: Trends & Resolutions for 2016: Pantry Organization    

 2. Declutter

Organizing and decluttering might seem like the same thing to some people, but in reality they’re two steps on the road to kitchen design bliss – think of them as two sides to the same coin. While organizing might mean that you have your stuff together decluttering is getting rid of and hiding away that which you don’t want to be seen. Building a pull out shelf for small appliances or your trash bin is a fantastic way to begin to declutter your counter space. Kit Our favorite organizational products that are the 11 Minutes or Less Kitchen Organization tools. Like their name says, they can be installed in 11 minutes or less and they have so many different products for different uses!

3. Out with the Old and In with the New

Resolve to update your space – however you want. Whether your aim is to sell your home in the coming year or if you just want to make the space more your own. Go ahead and plan to update the flooring, backsplash, cabinets, or the entire kitchen if you want to!
Kitchen Design: Trends & Resolutions for 2016: Update

A great use of mixing and matching textures, and colors in a contemporary style!

  If you are considering selling your home – read on to discover some of the best selling trends and sign up for our Kitchen & Bath University event on January 30th, 2016 to learn more about how to plan, budget and what to expect from a remodel.

Kitchen Design Trends

New year new you, and new kitchen! Whether you’re wanting to plan for the future by updating your kitchen to suit your tastes or if you’re wanting to make it more likely to sell these trends are what you should look our for!

1. The Neutral Color Trend


You might remember back last June when we had a series of blogs all about the grey color trend. Well, that trend isn’t dying out anytime soon. In fact the grey colors have boomed creating an explosion of neutral color trends. Kitchen Design: Trends & Resolutions for 2016: Grey Kitchen

Black & White

Black and White – whether together or on their own – are classic colors. If you’re thinking of using one of these in your kitchen consider White for a more classic approach, or black for a more daring and bold look! Kitchen Design: Trends & Resolutions for 2016: Black & White

Color Pop – Blue

Pale blues have been on the rise in many traditional kitchen color schemes – pairing it with white shaker cabinets for a chic cottage feel. Other kitchens have also gone for the color pop look – using a basic neutral color and adding an accent wall or accent kitchen cabinets in a bright, fun color. Kitchen Design: Trends & Resolutions for 2016: Blue Color Pop


Going for the natural color of wood is also a popular trend that we’re beginning to see more of. Especially unfinished wood. Contrasting unfinished cabinets in light and dark woods are becoming very popular. Kitchen Design: Trends & Resolutions for 2016: Wood

2. Materials


Speaking of wood. Reclaimed wood is an integral part of the modern rustic trend we were seeing last year. It brings age and texture to your space, and can be used to make everything from shelves, to tables, to backsplashes! Other woods are also popular because of the popularity of spaces that feel more natural and take on those natural characteristics. Wood Pallet Shelves DIY

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are sleek, modern, they go well in almost any space, and they’re easy to clean. Simple stainless steel hardware on wood cabinets updates the space to create a more contemporary finished look while also providing a contrasting element to the look.

Ledge Stone

Ledge stone comes in small single lay tiles and in large format tiles. It can be used over an entire space, as a backsplash, or other accent in you kitchen design. It’s popular for it’s general ease of installation and the impact that it brings to a space. Ledgestone_Backsplash

3. Mix & Match

Everything is moving more and more towards the contemporary styles as far as trends are concerned – but that doesn’t meant that the traditional or the classic have completely fizzled out. People more and more are mixing and matching colors, and textures, and finished to bring a uniqueness to their kitchen designs. Breaking up space with different colored countertops or different materials, pairing modern fixtures with a rustic style can all be used to mix and match a space just for you. Kitchen Design: Trends & Resolutions for 2016: Mix & Match  

4. Styles

Contemporary style on the rise – more and more we’re seeing a want from homeowners for clean, simple lines in their renovations. Modern rustic is also very popular – it’s a great way to work in some mixing and matching above (clean lines with an organic feeling stone wall or brick tile). Modern Rustic is a trend that is still in full swing and pairs well in a mix and match style, your can read more in-depth on the trend here. Consider a transitional kitchen if your selling to compromise between the growing contemporary trend and the popular traditional trends. If you’re wanting to remodel for yourself take the Waypoint Style Quiz to find out where your tastes in home decor and style land!

5. Functionality, Commercial Grade & Specialty Appliances.

Horizontal cabinetry, deep shelving, commercial grade, and specialty appliances are on everyones wish list for things to update their kitchens with! More and more people are looking for the luxury in appliances and how they can make their lives easier and their cooking better. It’s all meant to make the kitchen a more functional friendly space to be in and make cooking an enjoyable endeavor instead of a nightly chore. Kitchen Design: Trends & Resolutions for 2016: Stainless Steel Appliances     Remodeling and updating your kitchen in preparation for the new year is a great way to stick to you own new years resolutions to be a healthier person, do more cooking at home, updating your house, and spending more time with family. We hope that you find these tips just as useful and helpful as we thought they were! Happy New Year and a great 2016 to you all!

What are your plans for you kitchen in 2016?

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