Louisville Windows and Doors


Builders Surplus is a top provider of Louisville windows and doors. We provide in-stock, surplus and custom options. Our door selection is extremely large, so you will find only our in stock selection online. We have far to many surplus doors to put them all online, so your best bet would be to come in store and take a look to find an amazing deal!

Our windows are custom and surplus. For our surplus window selection, you will need to come prepared with the sizes you are looking for. Many people building new homes or builders themselves will design their window sizes around what we have in store, as the deals are INCREDIBLE! However, we may not have the sizes you need to simply replace your old set of windows. That is where our custom order selection comes into play. We provide windows through Silverline, a top of the line window distributor.

Our windows and doors are energy efficient. With energy costs going up at an average of 6% per year, you will be decreasing your energy consumption as well as increasing the value of your home. You are also eligible with for a $1,500 energy efficiency tax credit with energy efficient windows and doors. Look to see if you will qualify! Stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, using less energy and doing your part to decrease your energy footprint.


Louisville Windows and Doors


Doors – In Stock & Custom


Windows – Surplus & Custom