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Builders Surplus works with many contractors to provide many of the supplies that you need to complete your jobs for an affordable price. Find grout, mortar, mastic, trim, moulding and more at a low cost, helping you increase your profits! Sign up today!

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As a Builder, your job is to get the best quality products for the lowest price. That’s where we come in. Find in stock, all wood cabinetry, in stock laminate and granite countertops, and durable, affordable flooring in large quantities in our store every day! Sign up & Save!

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Designers are constantly trying to please a variety of clients with a variety of tastes. You may have clients with a lower budget, which we can accomodate, as well as top notch tastes, which we can also serve as well. Find everything you need for every design, here.

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3% Back On Every Purchase

Earn 3% of every purchase you make to use for future purchases for your business! Rewards can be used 45 days after purchase. Rewards expire in 1 year.

Even Lower Prices On Everyday Items

Look for the Pro Rewards Sticker on items you used daily, such as grout, moulding, mastic, and trim! You’ll save up to 20% at the register, making our low prices even lower!

Pro Rewards Only Promotions

Throughout the year, we’ll have special promotions on even more product categories, like cabinetry, bathroom vanities and flooring! Notifications are through our email list!

First To Know About Savings & New Products

When new products arrive, or we’re having a sale, you’ll be the first to know if you’re on our email list! Some of our products are limited quantity, so the early bird gets the worm!

Pro Rewards Phone Number

Your phone number will be your unique identifier for your Pro Rewards Account. If you will be allowing employees to use this, make sure it’s an easy to remember phone number!