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Upgrade your home with our 60 in. x 80 in. Fiberglass Smooth White Right-Hand Inswing Hinged Patio Door with Built-in Blinds. This elegant and highly durable patio door set is designed to provide you with the perfect blend of style, performance, and energy efficiency. As Louisville’s only custom door store, Builders Surplus offers one-stop shopping for all your remodeling needs, servicing Louisville and Florence, KY, as well as Cincinnati, OH.

Constructed from premium fiberglass materials, our patio door set features primed pine jambs that complement the door panels, ensuring a seamless integration into your home’s design. Designed to withstand day-to-day traffic, this low-maintenance door guarantees maximum durability and performance for a lifetime of use.

The Series Hinged Fiberglass Patio Door is equipped with energy-efficient features such as double boring, a patented water-resistant draining system, and weather-stripping insulation. Both the main active panel and the secondary passive panel are operable, allowing you to open both door panels for a wide, unobstructed view without any center post interference.

For added security, the secondary passive panel comes with two flush bolt locks that secure into the top and bottom frame when closed. The built-in blinds offer privacy and light control, giving you the flexibility to easily adjust them to suit your needs. Invest in this timeless and reliable patio door to enhance your home’s style and energy efficiency for years to come.