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Cambria Countertops Prides itself on being the only family-owned, American made producer of natural quartz surfaces. Your countertops go through a lot. Scratches, stains and the stresses of everyday life. No other surface on the market offers such a perfect harmony of performance and beauty. Only Cambria can meet both the needs of your lifestyle and the demands of your inspiration. Cambria produces quartz surfaces, primarily for use as kitchen countertops, but also used for bathrooms, outdoor areas and decorative pieces such as tabletops and backsplash. It is used in a similar manner as granite, except that it is not porous, and thus requires no periodic sealing. The look of any quartz countertop compares to granite in that the colors are deep and consistent. The process of creating Cambria countertops is different than granite, in that it is an engineered product. Cambria countertops consist of about 90% quartz and 10% epoxy binder. An engineered product that requires no sealer has the advantage in that it requires no harsh chemicals to seal and it does it emit harmful chemicals into the air, making it potentially more environmentally friendly. Builders Surplus in Louisville Kentucky, Newport Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio is proud to offer Cambria Countertops along with everything you need for your kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel or other home improvement project.