Well, it’s been an interesting year! Definitely one for the books, I’d say. But we’ll hone it in during this post and talk about a design review, as opposed to crazy elections, erupting riots, and Pokemon Go. We’ll just leave that for the media to handle. So, allow me to list a few designs for you, the best and the worst during this past year, what worked and what, well, just didn’t.

Design Review: The Good

Reclaimed Wood: If you ask me, this look is simply timeless. Making wood look aged and antiqued isn’t just fun to do, but the product is pretty satisfying as well. Unique-looking, this style has definitely made a name for itself this past year, and we can only hope that it’ll stick around.
Background of reclaimed timber for a modern rustic look
Black Window Frames: Most window frames that you see are limited in color. You have your gentle whites and maybe an almond or two that you’ll come across, but in 2016, darkening the frames turned out to be aesthetically pleasing. And I have to say, I love the look. It makes the window a focal point, which is perfect for a craftsman or contemporary window.
Andersen 400 Series Woodwright Insert Double-Hung Replacement Window with Black Exterior detail shot of right side of check rail. Replacement Home Style Craftsman Bungalow
Minimal design: No surprise here, right? One of the hottest trends this past year was the subtle hints of no design at all. Playing with neutral, light colors only and not making an area look “too busy.”
Bright light modern minimalist bedroom interior with a king size bed below a rows of windows on a light colored parquet floor with white walls. 3d Rendering.
Use of concrete: This trend took 2016 by storm! Before, concrete was seen as more of an industrial material, seen mainly in factory warehouses or other commercial properties, but not anymore. One of the hottest styles in the kitchen world right now are concrete countertops. Having the ability to shape and mold your own working space has piqued many people’s interests across the nation. The picture below is from Kelly Moore, author of blog The Journey of Bags, Photography, Life & Moore. You can check out the original post here.
Glass tile: Most notably in backsplashes, glass tile became a huge hit, bumping ceramic tile to the wayside in this design review.
Black mosaic tiled splashback and double basin bathroom ensuite

Design Review: The Bad

Stainless Steel Appliances: I’m only 25, but I can still remember stainless steel appliances being the IN thing when I was a kid. Apparently, it was similar to that of having a Mercedes in the drive at the time – if you had it, it meant “you made it.” Well, that’s no longer the case anymore. These appliances are have run its course, mainly because of how limited you are with the rest of your design.
a beautiful bright modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances
Copper Lighting: I’ve never much cared for copper as a finish to begin with, although I can see where some would find it appealing. For those that do adore this sleek, shiny (maybe a bit too shiny) finish, it seems that it’s being put to the back burner as a design trend.
Brown Copper Ceiling Lamp isolated on white
Mason Jars: This is definitely more of an interior design trend than anything, but I couldn’t agree with it more. Can we please stop using mason jars as design props to set around the house? At first, I’ll admit, it was an interesting idea. Gave the scenery an old-fashioned, borderline rustic look that made a house feel like a home. But, like many trends, it’s been overdone, and therefore also receives the boot on this list. Sorry, moonshiners.
christmas decorations candles in glass jars with fir on a old wooden table
Chevron: Ah, another design that people went crazy for, but has become so prominent, it’s getting overwhelming. Now, having been to college, I’ve seen this a lot. Like, a lot a lot, and honestly, the look just makes me cringe a bit now. In any case, the design has been deemed “out” by many interior designers and big-time, major home remodeling resources like Houzz. Bye, bye Chevron.
Close up of white freestanding bat tub in vintage interior styled bathroom

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Written by: Chris Chamberlain