Hello, everyone! Hope all is well, and you’ve found some time to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather we’ve been having. So, I’ll get right to it. Planning can be a pain, right? Aligning schedules, stacking finances, figuring out exactly what you’d like, and then having to plan for something awry to happen because it almost always does for some reason. It’s because it’s such a pain in the butt that it can be easy to stave it off for a few months….sometimes years, especially with something as huge as a home remodel. Well, today I’d like to make that a little bit easier and discuss five resources that will get you well on your way! After all, it is Spring, a time for fresh beginnings and starting anew. Consider this your official banishment from Procrastination Nation. Leave…and never go back.  

Houzz this for your Home Remodel?

Okay, you’ll have to excuse me for the horrible pun. I simply could not help myself. Blame the incessant sun rays that I can’t get enough of aka Jack Sparrow Syndrome. Maybe a little less rum, though. Anyway, so, Houzz is absolutely fantastic. Think of ‘Pinterest,’ but with a motivated motif of all things home remodeling and renovation. Which is crazy to think about, really. This industry has grown so rapidly in the past decade that there’s actually a database, if you will, purely for its many factions. Very, very interesting.     home remodel   But, yeah, Houzz is pretty much a growing community of architects, contractors, interior designers, landscapers, and the like that congregate and discuss ideas, share photos, and provide inspiration to all that welcome it. Sign-up is free, of course, and once you’ve made yourself a little profile, you can start perusing around, letting your creativity thrive, so you can start planning your home remodel.  

Have I Piqued Your Pinterest?

I’d say about 95.7% of you reading this definitely know what Pinterest is, but in case you’re of the other 4.3%, I’ll tell you. Pinterest is largely a collection of ideas, thoughts, hacks, pictures, recipes, and infographics through a number of categories that work to gain your interest — for  you to pin and repin. It’s an excellent motivator, and an outstanding resource while planning for your home remodel. Truly, there are some epic ideas when it comes to home renovation. I have no doubt that you’ll not only find this site appealing, but extremely informational, as well.   home remodel     Once again, it’s a free sign-up, but I will warn you:  Engaging in this website/app is a time suck. You may sit down, open your laptop, type the appropriate letters in the browser in the afternoon, and the next thing you know it’s eight o’ clock, and you’ve skipped lunch and nearly dinner. Which is a crime.  

We Be Bloggin’

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our blog to you as a resource! Listen, y’all, I’ve never been one to brag, but this IS why we do this. We want to help you with your home remodel! It’s literally our job, and what’s more, is that we love to do it. Each post that we put out directly deals with some aspect of the home remodeling business, whether it’s bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, tile, cabinets, vanities, doors, or windows…we’ve got you. home remodel Just want to throw it out there that we cover a vast amount of ground in our blog posts, and if you ever need inspiration or you’re curious about something, there’s a free resource right in our website. Wanna check it out? Click…….here.  

Tools in the Toolshed

On our website, all the way at the bottom, is an assortment of pretty cool tools that you can use to help you plan your remodel: Find Your Style Quiz: This test, provided by Waypoint, attempts to gather your sense of style by a series of pictures and quizzes. Bathroom Visualizer: This program takes a vanity and let’s you tweak the characteristics, so you can physically see what you’d like or what you wouldn’t like. Kitchen Design Visualizer: My favorite one, by far. Completely design your kitchen, virtually.    

Designated Designers

In addition to some selective tools that we have on our website, we actually have real-life humans that would love to assist you in the planning process for your home remodel! We’re talking top-notch professionals that will personally guide you through discussions of color, style, blending, and personal preferences. For a little more insight on exactly WHY you should speak to a professional about your remodel, click here.         Fact of the matter is, planning these kinds of things can get overwhelming. Something that’s greatly going to benefit you and your home shouldn’t be so stressful, though, so we try make it as smooth as possible. Let us help you by setting up a free kitchen design consultation today! Well, there ya have it, folks! Five of the best resources one can ask for while trying to plan for their home remodel! I really do hope you consider these options this Spring if you become inspired to getting some things done around the house. And when you do, don’t forget about us, alright? Get everything, without spending everything — only at Builders Surplus! Hope to see ya soon, but until then, be safe and stay blessed!  
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