DIY Halloween decorations

What’s going on, everyone? Happy Fall! It was a moderately-warm Summer, although we definitely saw our fair share of sun-scorched days, but it’s behind us now, isn’t it? Bring on the low-70’s, multi-colored leaves, and of course, Halloween. Now, if you’re like me, you enjoy a good scare or two. While most generally avoid being “the first to go” in a haunted house, I welcome the challenge. It’s the adrenaline rush, I think, the uncertainty of what’s lurking behind every corner. In any case, I definitely dig the surprise element of it.
And speaking of surprises, I’d like to discuss with you five ways you can easily drop the jaws of your neighbors as they parade around, trick-or-treating with their kids and such. Below, I’ve listed a few easy DIY Halloween decorations that will add some celebratory decor for this horrific holiday. Note: These decoration ideas were generated from the home remodeling/interior design giant, HGTV.

Black Cat Pumpkins

We all know that pumpkins play a huge role in the Halloween tradition. So pick one out, but take a stab at one of these DIY Halloween Decorations. The black cat stigma has been a staple in the Halloween mantra for decades, so acclaim this custom and partake. The materials are needed are, for the most part, general household items, too. Place them around your porch, in the yard, next to the mailbox, or maybe peeking from beneath a bush.
Click here for the entire process on to make these purrfect decorations. Credit: Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage.

DIY Halloween decorations

Photo Cred: Layla Palmer


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Spooky Banner

This is about as crafty as it gets, folks. The picture below says, “Beware” but feel free to put whichever menacing message that suits your fancy. My personal preference: Abandon hope, all ye who enter. But I’m a huge nerd and Dantè is the man. Now, this calls for the sacrifice of a several coffee filters and normally I would be opposed to such a thing, but for these DIY Halloween decorations, well, there have been worse sacrifices.
Click here for the full list on what you need and what to do in making these nefarious notes! Credit: Kim Stoegbauer of HGTV.

DIY Halloween decorations

Photo Cred: Kim Stoegbauer


Witch’s Broom Halloween Place Card Holders

As far as DIY Halloween decorations go, this is perfect if you plan on having a party or a spooky dinner. See: Clue. What’s life without just a little bit of extra right? If the devil is indeed in the details, then taking this measure will surely scare the heck out of people. This way, no one gets confused on where to sit AND they’ll be too amused to be make a fuss about who they’re sitting by. Also, now that I think about it, hosting a Clue-like dinner around Halloween would be pretty epic. An acted out murder-mystery with your friends? That’s pretty legit.
Click here the full sweep on how to make these brooms! Credit: Marian Parsons from HGTV.

DIY Halloween decorations

Photo Cred: Marian Parsons


Halloween Chalkboard Serving Tray

Going along with the dangerous dinner theme, check out this serving tray. You can write interesting messages, or clues, (really wasn’t joking about that idea ^^) and just have fun with it. Now, these materials are a bit out of the norm, but look at the outcome of it all! It’s brilliant. It’s also one of those things that you don’t necessarily have to put away after Halloween. Think of the praise you’ll receive after scribing a quick love note and delivering this a la breakfast-in-bed style. Nice little image, yeah?
Check out all the details on how to make this ingenious DIY Halloween decoration a reality. Credit: Janell Beals from House of Fifty

DIY Halloween decorations

Photo Cred: Janell Beals


Ghostly Outdoor Draperies

Now, we’re really getting into the swing of things. I remember as a kid, there were a few times that I was so crazily petrified from the looks of a front porch during during Halloween that I would intentionally skip their house. That’s saying something because I loved candy.
Other kids went up there no problem, but no-way-not-me. I wasn’t going to subject myself to creepy, walking trolls and bloody hands, or what you see below here. It’s eerie. It’s frightful. It’s perfect if you just so happened to forget candy and want to make sure your visitors are far and few between. In essence, this one if for you cynics out there (lol).
Click here for full transparency how to make these ghastly ghouls! Credit: Brian Patrick Flynn of HGTV

DIY Halloween decorations

Photo Cred: Brian Patrick Flynn

There you have it, folks! Five, simple DIY Halloween decorations that you and yours can have fun making! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Have fun out there, and be safe!

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Written By: Chris Chamberlain