Today we’re going to cover some simple ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. You also may be thinking of some ways to spruce up an area or two, you know, to really make a lasting impression. Since the kitchen is one of the main focal points during any time, and not just the holidays, I’d like to discuss some additions you can make to your kitchen cabinets that are easy, quick, and make a real difference!

Crown Moulding

It is with no surprise that this finishing material makes the list because they are created to serve this particular purpose – to inexpensively give an elegant appearance. Best part is, you’re not limited to just one design or fashion. You can make it simple, using crown moulding that has a few beveled edges OR you can crazy elaborate like the one pictured below. Whatever suits your fancy, really. Installation is easy, and the look will really enhance the design on your kitchen cabinets. Trust me. kitchen cabinets  

Glass-Paneled Cabinet Doors

I really like this look. To me, it makes the kitchen seem more open, you know what I mean? Installing glass-paneled cabinet doors gives your kitchen design more depth. You can show off some fancy china, decorative plates, or maybe your quirky collection of coffee cups. Either way, this addition is for everyone. It’s a cool way to give your cabinets a bit more character, as opposed to a variety of solid doors.   kitchen cabinets  

Cabinet Scribe

Purely for aesthetics as opposed for functionality, this little finishing piece does wonders for the look of your kitchen cabinets. It is installed at the edge of the cabinet where it meets the wall, and is used to hide any gaps that may appear. This, people, is as simple as it gets, and it makes a monstrous difference. Scribe is just one of those pieces that gives your cabinets that complete, finished look. You can look back afterwards, and finally say, “Yes. My job here is done.”   kitchen cabinets  

Cabinet Toe Kicks

Similar to the aforementioned, this finishing piece is pretty much just for the eye. Toe Kicks are used to cover the space between the floor and the cabinet, and once again just appeases the eye. It’s a quick install, and really changes the appearance, especially in terms of your kitchen flooring. Sometimes, it’s the little things that pack the most punch, for sure.   kitchen cabinets  

Cabinet Hardware

Ah, my favorite addition to make this list. Cabinet hardware, to me, really sets the tone of your kitchen cabinets for a couple of reasons. One, with the many variations and styles of hardware, you’re able to really choose and hone in on how you want your cabinets to look. It’s a prime opportunity to make your kitchen unique, in your image. Now, we have some prime names in-store that will really do wonders for your kitchen cabinets. Traditional pieces, contemporary, rustic, “Old World” styles and many more are available, so please feel free to come in and see first-hand. Until then, you can check out our brands including Jeffrey Alexander, and some of our special buy hardware options!   kitchen cabinets   There you have it, folks. Five simple, quick-install additions that will leave a lasting impression to whomever enters your kitchen! I hope this post helped you in every way possible, and you’ve gained at least a little inspiration to rise and DIY today! Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving, eat as much as you can, and take the best nap you’ve ever had. Stay safe, and be blessed.  
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