Nowadays, every room in a house needs to be utilized.  With so many unique storage options, home owners aren’t using their attics for holiday decorations and old clothes anymore.  They are turning the top portions of their homes into top priority renovations.  From retreats to home gyms, an attic can be used for multiple purposes.  Gone are the days of a musty, dusty space without insulation and questionable floorboards.  Now is the time for an attic remodel!  Here are some fresh looks for your otherwise ignored space.

Guest Hideaway

Attic Remodel Bedroom Idea

Give your guests peace and quiet with a room all their own, without being attached to the heart of the house.  Allow the structural beams to remain exposed and add a large chandelier to give that five-star feel.  People will be begging to visit in no time!

Mats and Mantras

Who says that you can’t make it your own space to clear your head?  Clean up the clutter and get to meditating by turning your attic into a personal yoga studio.  This can be achieved in a manner of styles: from exotic to minimalist, you’ll never want to leave this inner-calming room.  This is an ultimate attic remodel.

Book Nook Attic Remodel

Attic Remodel Idea Library

Whether you are an avid reader or you have a collection bursting the seams of your home office, this attic idea can will have every bookworm curled up and ready for a text-based adventure.  Short and stout shelves add more storage, and you could even warm up the space with large area rugs.

Kids Create

Most of the rooms in our homes are dedicated to us, the adults.  Well, why not make a space for the little ones to explore, craft, and enjoy without supervision?  And since some attics don’t have the headspace to house us grown-ups, you could spruce up the room for a youthful hideaway fit for kids of all ages!

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Written By: Katie Hager