There are many instances during a remodel that could potentially stump someone. One of those are undoubtedly how to choose the perfect baseboard that should go within a room. There’s only about two things you kind of need to watch out for, but for the most part, there aren’t any strict guidelines or things of that nature.
Today, I’m going to detail a couple elements about a baseboard, the materials used to make them, and then show a a few different, popular styles that have been used throughout the years. First off, let’s talk about the materials that you can purchase a baseboard.

Baseboard Materials

There are four primary materials that can makeup a baseboard: MDF, Primed Pine, Pine, and Oak.
Primed Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF): So, this stuff is pre-primed for that even consistency you’re looking for. Otherwise, if you’re painting, you’re going to have to put a couple of coats on it.
Primed Pine: Naturally wood-based; also pre-primed
Pine: Excellent thing about pine is its versatility – paint it, stain it, or just clear coat it.
Oak: Probably the most tried-and-true traditional hardwood moulding. Oak is well-known for its natural grain look, but it can also be stained, varnished, or clear coated.
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So, there are 5 types of baseboard styles that you should be aware of – Traditional, Country, Victorian, Arts & Crafts (Craftsman) & Modern.

Traditional Style Baseboard

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tradition. It’s like oak, tried-and-true, and nearly always prevails. This style provides you with a seemingly common look that you honestly can’t go wrong with. It’s function has been perfected, the use of shorter boards gives depth to the ceiling, and you’re with a lovely look.
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Country Style Baseboard

This style tends to be a bit taller and is often accompanied by quarter-round to really emphasize the depth of this finishing piece.
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Victorian Style Baseboard

Ah, very majestic, indeed. This is probably my favorite style simply because of the intricate detail, much like the Craftsman. It’s pretty gaudy, but then again look what style we’re talking about. I just appreciate its high frame, and the fact that you can’t help but to appreciate the sophistication.
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Arts & Crafts Style Baseboard

Also known as the ‘Craftsman’ style, this one boasts curvature and, well, craftsmanship in its design. It’s ability to express lines and draw the eye is this style’s genetic makeup. It’s not subtle. It does not want to hide.
This is the popular kid at the high school with his shades on and one foot backed against a locker, eyeing the girls that walk down the hall. Smooth, yet edgy.
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Modern Style Baseboard

Sleek. Elegant. Smooth. I’ll be honest, this style is NICE. But, it’s largely due to the work put into it that makes it so. Typically, if you take something that’s usually of neutral color — like white — and sand it smooth, paint it a darker color, and apply some clear coat, it’s going to look modernized. And that’s exactly how you achieve this style.
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A General Rule of Thumb for Baseboards

Generally speaking, the higher the ceiling, the taller the baseboard. If you don’t use this rule, you’ll end up minimizing your room, and that’s the last thing you want to do. An exception to this “rule” is if you’re trying to pull of a more contemporary style.
In this instance, it is best to go for a shorter baseboard, simply because of its sleek look.

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Written by: Chris Chamberlain