There are a plethora of little projects you can do yourself that can and will add to your bathroom design. Sure, a bathroom is full of accessories and hardware, but little knick-knacks can add character, and it gives you the ability to make your bathroom unique. Plus, they’re extremely fun to make, and you’ll definitely want to show them off somehow. So, why not your bathroom?
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Add Shelves to Enhance Bathroom Design

Building shelves and stacking them vertically in your bathroom does a number of things. It allows for more storage space, which is usually great for any sized bathroom, for one. But it also relieves you of the look of unwanted wall space, adding a bit of character to an otherwise plain wall. Also, you don’t necessarily have to stack cosmetics on them, either. If you have a themed bathroom, use the shelves to decorate and emphasize your theme by filling them with tiny decorations!
bathroom design

Introduce Some New Lighting

There’s nothing wrong with a little more lighting in your bathroom, especially if you have elements in your design that are screaming to be emphasized. If you have a large vanity, consider hanging some lights such as these! Drape them in the corners, so they’re out of the way and create a better looking ambiance in your bathroom. It’s as simple as finding a fixture that fits your design and running a bit of wire. Well worth it for a look such as this one, and it adds to functionality as well!
bathroom design

Make a Clever Sign using Bold Typography

Whether it’s a quote, a family inside joke, or just merely a word, making a clever sign is an excellent added feature for a bathroom design! You can get creative with the type of style, too! A rustic looking sign or maybe something more modern looking? Whatever it is, this idea gives you the ability to truly make your bathroom design your own!
bathroom design

Paint an Accent Wall

Now, truly, I’ve never even thought about doing this before, because it’s such a small space, but it really does add to the design, making it pop out a bit. This is an excellent idea for those that don’t want the traditional one color, neutral kind of design and would rather go with something quirky and fun…like an accent wall. Honestly, out of this list, I deem this one my favorite. Simple, easy (if you don’t mind painting like I do) and can make quite a change of appearance for such a minimal effort.
bathroom design

Make a Collage

Maybe you’re a collector of magazine cutouts, or photographs of animals, or you just have a bunch of stuff that you’re relatively sentimental about and want to flaunt it somewhere, but there’s no room in your bedroom. Ta-dah! You now have a place to put it. Okay, okay, it may seem a little quirky, but I think it’s kind of fun. You could decorate a wall with a bunch of photos of your friends, loved ones, the little ones in the family. I think as far as decorations go, the bathroom is a space that is extremely underrated. In fact, in every decorated bathroom I’ve been into, I’ve had to compliment the owner because it truly is a rarity.
bathroom design

A Breath of Fresh Air

Add some vegetation to the mix, and breathe in that fresh oxygen! Seriously, adding some plants into your bathroom is actually a pretty neat idea. For one, when was the last time you walked into someone’s home and you saw a natural-green plant soaking up some sun rays. Yeah, me either. Fancy restaurants are one thing, but rarely in someone’s home.
bathroom design

Create your Own Bathroom Towel Rack

Much like the clever sign, you can use the same approach and build your own towel rack. Grab a few pieces of wood of your choosing, fasten them together, stain it, pain it, or leave it! Hardest part is making sure you hit a couple of studs behind the wall, and there you have it! A cost-effective way of holding your towels, and all in a decorative fashion.

Design Your Own Candle Holders

It’s no secret that candles and bathrooms go hand-in-hand right? Why not make yourself some cool-looking candle holders using your own design? It’s simple, easy-to-make and will work brilliantly with a fresh soothing scent!
Now, there’s a whole realm of ideas to work with, so don’t be afraid to explore your own creative outlet! It’s in my hopes that these 8 ideas did their job in sparking you with some inspiration for your bathroom design. The next time you look to enhance a room in your house, don’t overlook the bathroom, and remember these ideas. Add some character, get creative, and make it your own!

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Written By: Chris Chamberlain