I love minimalism and subtlety — espresso cabinets are the epitome of just that.  Right now, the trend for kitchen cabinets is white, white, white, and as much as I appreciate white cabinetry, the upkeep can be an absolute nightmare.  For people like me (with three pets) and my friends (with young kids), the maintenance of light cabinets sounds like more work than I am willing to put in with my limited time.  
American Shaker Mocha Espresso Cabinet
The argument from several designers is that espresso is out, it is overdone, it can be too bold of a statement in a centrally focused room of a home.  However, I think it is all how you style a cabinet.  Take the Ginger Creek American Shaker in mocha.  At first glance, it is just a simple, dark cabinet, but upon closer inspection, I think the tones are rich and warm.  Those qualities coupled with unique design can turn these cabinets from simple to simply elegant, charming, sophisticated, subtle–whatever your style may be.  Here are some design ideas when shopping for espresso cabinets!

Modern Mocha

American Shaker Mocha Espresso Cabinet
Keeping this palette as neutral as possible, I am letting Cambria’s Praa Sands custom quartz countertop do all the talking for this kitchen design.  There is a lot of movement in the quartz, a beautiful variation of color, and strands of neutral tones complement the espresso cabinets.  Pairing it with the sleek geometry of the Elements Stanton pull and the clean lines of our metallic gray subway tile, this kitchen design is both refined and understated.
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Textured Tones

American Shaker Mocha Espresso Cabinet
If the espresso cabinets in this design were an outfit, the California gold legder panel backsplash would be its jewelry.  There is so much warmth and it is dense with a wild, outdoorsy character.  I wanted that to be the focal point and draw the eye up from the cabinetry to the natural beauty of the Colosseum Quartz countertop.  These countertops are extremely durable, resisting scratches, stains, and heat to remain looking beautiful for years.  Top the cabinets off with the Madison pull in the brushed oil rubbed bronze finish and you end up with a provincial kitchen with a posh twist.

Compromising Coupling

American Shaker Mocha Espresso Cabinet
A lot of the times, couples that are renovating houses cannot decide between their own two styles.  Nine times out of ten, a room’s design is going to eventually be based on one person’s idea.  Since a kitchen is one of the few gathering places in a home, it should be a destination for compromise.  This design idea is all about mixing elements.  From the urbane espresso cabinets to the rustic vibe of our custom built butcher block countertops, we can see there is a lot of masculine hints to the room.  I like the idea of blending that with dainty white penny backsplash and the rounder, softer Madison knob by Elements.  This makes for a beautiful half-and-half composition.

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Written By: Katie Hager