It doesn’t matter if you have a bigger family or a smaller one, accidents are just going to happen. Someone is going to knock over the grape juice all over the kitchen countertops, muddy footprints will trail the floors all the way up to the culprit’s bedroom, someone’s going to neglect the “clean bathroom” chore for weeks at a time, leaving soap scum and grime to everyone’s displeasure, spices will be misplaced or unfortunately found in the fridge, and crumbs will layer the living room floor no matter how many times you vacuum. Families and messes go together like the mop and the broom in the closet down the hallway. It’s inevitable. BUT…there are some remodeling materials that you can use in your renovation that will alleviate some of the stress that these messes bring, some even eradicating them altogether. In this post, we’ll detail some of these remodeling materials, which you’ll undoubtedly think about the next time you’re wiping up spaghetti sauce that’s dribbled down the cabinet door.  

Remodeling Materials – Quartz Countertops

So, there’s a term that I need to say here, and at first glance I, too, was like, “Uhhhh…is that a word?” Wipe-ability. I hyphenated it for your sake, but apparently, this is a thing. It means exactly what you think it does, and it goes in context with the first remodeling material I have for you today. Quartz countertops are undoubtedly the easiest surface to maintain. It’s a non-porous material, so there’s no chance of anything staining. It’s also extremely durable; it won’t chip, crack, scratch, or scuff.     remodeling materials   remodeling materials      

Remodeling Materials – CoreTEC Flooring

New-age technology combined with a stunning, jaw-dropping look, CoreTEC is a flooring like no other. It’s best characteristic and the main reason it makes this list? 100% waterproof. Not water-resilient. Water. Proof. You could dump an entire gallon of whatever on these floors, leave for the weekend, and you’d come back to it staring right back at you like, “What? Was that supposed to phase me or something?” It doesn’t warp. It doesn’t buckle. It doesn’t act like your typical hardwood flooring at all. Too legit. And we have these lovely remodeling materials right here, in store, ready to be installed. Click here to check out our inventory.     remodeling materials

Remodeling Materials – Tiled Shower Walls

In general, tile is your safest bet when it comes to having a low-maintenance floor. But tiled shower walls exemplifies this characteristic. Heavily. As opposed to fiberglass shower walls, soap scum, dirt, and grime are easier to clean and maintain with a tiled shower wall. It can be as simple as purchasing an After Shower cleaner and wiping the walls down each time. Easy as pie. SIDENOTE: If you do tile your shower walls, refrain from using white grout. Those are TERRIBLY difficult to clean and you’ll curse the day you ever decided that. And chiseling out grout is no fun. Trust me. I know. To check out some of our tile options, click here!         remodeling materials  

remodeling materials

Remodeling Materials – Kitchen Organizers

Everything just seems to run smoother in the family when you can find the things you’re wanting when you need them. Kitchen organizers are an excellent way to sort out all of your cooking essentials and save some space. Cause after all, counter space can be scarce within any family and in the morning when you’re frantically trying to make breakfast or make lunches for the day, you need as much space as you can get. Installing one of these inexpensive kitchen organizers makes for one of the best remodeling materials on this list. They’re handy and have a way of revolutionizing your organizational patterns in the kitchen. We have an abundance in stock, as well. Head here to shop! remodeling materials  

Remodeling Materials – Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be used as one of those hot spots in the house, ya know? A place where people gather to do homework, eat meals, and discuss their day. To me, a kitchen island is one of those assets that just bring together AND they’re one of the most functional tools in a kitchen design. More space. More storage. Less hassle.   remodeling materials   It’s in my hopes that these researching materials will meet your family friendly needs. Once again, we have most of these beneficial products in store! So, come on down to one of our two locations in Louisville and Cincinnati, and get started on your renovation today!  
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