Hello, everyone! I hope all is well, and you’ve found the time to relax and maybe get some things done around the house. Incidentally, that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing today. I’ll be detailing several of the most popular kitchen upgrades and their cost. Everything from cabinets to crown moulding. See, you don’t have to do a complete kitchen remodel to increase the value of your home. You simply have to enhance the elements around it. Let’s get started. It’s important to note, too, that the price is going to vary depending on which line of cabinets you use, such as Waypoint or Wellborn.

Common Kitchen Upgrades


Wall Cabinet Height

So, one simple thing that you can do as far as kitchen upgrades is get a nice, tall wall cabinet. Now, for all intensive purposes, I’ll use a measure of $, $$, and $$$ to sh0w you the price points on each kitchen upgrade. These cabinets typically range from 30” to 42”, the taller the cabinet, the more expensive it is. Essentially, this gives you more storage space within your design, and aesthetically, a tall cabinet is just pleasing to the eye. It enlarges the entire look. Your kitchen means business.  

Wellborn – Click on image!

Waypoint – Click image!


Cabinet height options: 

30” – $

36” – $

39” – $$

42” – $$$


Shelf Upgrades

You also have some options when it comes to your shelving units. I’ll tell you, my most favorite that I’ve installed is definitely the Pullout w/ Cushion close. It’s soft, gentle, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your cabinets if you accidentally close it, too quickly. Perfect for families and such.   kitchen upgrades  

Shelf Upgrade Options:

Adjustable – $

Pullout – $$

Pullout w/ Cushion Close – $$$


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Corner Base Cabinets

And here’s where you can get creative with your space. Now, if you’re like my mother, your corner base is a big deal. Because it’s set for a large space, you can be selective on what you choose. As far as kitchen upgrades go, this is an excellent feature. I personally adore the Lazy Susan — they’re so neat!  Here are some of the options:   kitchen upgrades   Corner Base Cabinet Options:

Blind Base – $

Easy Reach – $

Lazy Susan – $$$


Drawer Box

These kitchen upgrades have to deal with the material you use for your drawers. You may seem puzzled, asking yourself why this would matter, but think about it for a second: Your drawers contain and hold a multitude of things in your kitchen — cooking utensils, silverware, measuring items, etc. So, the stronger the material, the higher the price. You’re paying for the stability. Any time you’re getting something made from solid wood, you can expect to pay a pretty penny.  
kitchen upgrades

Kitchen Organization – Click image!


Cabinet Drawer Box Options:

Particle Board – $

Plywood – $

Solid Wood – $$$


Drawer Glides

These are the mechanisms that allow your drawer to open or close. I’m laughing as I type this because I can understand why some would think this is a tedious improvement, but if it makes life easier, it’s an upgrade. A life hack, if you will. As far as price, the two options are actually around the same.   kitchen upgrades  

Drawer Glide Options:

Epoxy – $

Soft close – $


Crown Molding

Ah, the finishing touches. If you’ve ever walked in a kitchen that already sports some crown moulding then you understand the effect. It just makes a kitchen look more elegant, refined even. Your “stacked” moulding is going to be the most expensive because of the amount of wood used. But, it’s beautiful. Can you agree?

Moulding & Casing – Click image!

Crown Moulding Options:

Basic – $

Inset – $$

Stacked – $$$


Glass Doors

You’ve seen it. Those sophisticated cabinet drawers with elaborate designs, shielded by a thick sheet of glass. It’s gorgeous. Especially for showing off china. But, of course, these fancy kitchen upgrades come at a cost.   kitchen upgrades  

Glass Door Options:

Clear – $ Mullions – $$ Textured – $$$ Leaded – $$$  


Those are some of the more popular kitchen upgrades listed above, but don’t forget about the essentials, as well! Cabinet Hardware: At Builders Surplus, we carry classy lines like Jeffrey Alexander and Top Knobs, all fit to meet your hardware needs. For sure. kitchen upgrades     Faucet/Sinks: We also carry an array of top notch faucets and sinks. You can upgrade your sink by getting an awesome material such as quartz that will last a lifetime, or by getting a side sprayer with your faucet. Get more bang for your buck and make us a one-stop shop for your home remodeling needs. Truly, you can get everything without spending everything. I hope this article has been a bit of a help as far as kitchen upgrades go. I had to be a bit ambiguous on price purely because of the dependency on brand. BUT, for the most part, you can count on the number setting. Just remember that you truly do get what you pay for. If you plan on doing a renovation to your kitchen anytime soon, don’t forget that we offer free kitchen design consultations! One of our professional designers would love to help you out with the process!  
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