Silestone: Aquafraccaroli
Spring has sprung and Silestone has some new colors! We’re excited for the remodeling season that is fast approaching here at Builders Surplus and we wanted to pay homage to one of our favorite times of the year and one of our favorite products as well!

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Silestone Basics


Silestone is a quartz countertop brand by Consentino. They call themselves “The Original Quartz” and have been manufacturing quartz countertops for bathrooms, kitchens and commercial applications since 1990. Consentino also produces and distributes other natural stone and architectural products, exporting to over 80 different countries around the world.


It’s Quartz. And quartz is one of the greatest products for countertops that anyone could ask for! It’s both all-natural and man-made. The combination of quartz and other raw materials make for a super strong and resilient product.


Silestone, being made of quarts means that the product is extremely strong and can stand up to a lot! The fact that it’s made up mostly of quartz means that it’s not porous like other stone surfaces. Translation: It’s not going to hold on to harmful bacteria, it won’t stain as easily, it doesn’t need sealing, polishing, or refinishing. Quartz will also resist discoloration from acids, mild chemical cleaners, sunlight & UV rays, and even heat or spills.

Spring Fling

White & Light Grey

These colors go with anything year-round, and the white contrasts nicely with the bright colors that are popping up all over! If placed in in areas that get plenty of sunlight they’ll reflect the light even more and brighten everything up even more!
Brightest Choices:

Silestone:White Zeus Extreme

White Zeus Extreme

Silestone: White Zeus Extreme

White Zeus Extreme Countertop

Silestone: White Platinum

White Platinum

Silestone: White Platinum

White Platinum Countertop

Silestone: White Diamond

White Diamond

Silestone: White Diamond

White Diamond Countertop

Pop Colors

Silestone has the ability to take the hardness of quartz and turn it just about any color that you can think of! These gorgeous colors mimic the beauty and bright colors that are associated with springtime! They’re also a fun and different way to express yourself and your personality through your kitchen! These countertop colors are definitely not for the more traditionally minded home owner!
Popular Choices:

Silestone: Rosso Monza

Rosso Monza

Silestone: Rosso Monza

Rosso Monza Countertop

Silestone: Orange Cool

Orange Cool

Silestone: Orange Cool

Orange Cool Countertop

Silestone: Stellar Sun

Stellar Sun

Silestone: Green Fun

Green Fun

Silestone: Green Fun

Green Fun Countertop

Silestone: Aqua Fraccaroli

Aqua Fraccaroli

Silestone: Aquafraccaroli

Aqua Fraccaroli Countertop

Silestone: Blue Enjoy

Blue Enjoy

Silestone: Magenta Energy

Magenta Energy

Silestone: Magenta Energy

Magenta Energy Walls

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Written By: Kat Flaherty