design choices If you’re looking to sell your home, odds are you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed. Figures roll around your head, you start to look at your home a little more closely, needing to repair this, needing to repair that. In all, putting your house on your market can (and should) give you a bit of perspective. I am, of course, referencing the flip-the-script mentality, a buyer’s perspective. It can be difficult using empathy and tying up the laces of someone else’s shoes, but all in all, you need not worry. Here are some design choices to make sure you sell your home as quick as possible and for more money. Check it out.

Bathroom Design Choices

design choices     Among the many areas in a household, an elegant bathroom can absolutely sway an opinion. Let’s break into that buyer’s perspective and use a bit of imagination. You’re touring a gorgeous home with a beautiful kitchen, elegant flooring, unique designs, nice color detail, and then you get to the bathroom, and that happy expression slides off your face instantly. Unappealing bathrooms makes a house less attractive because a buyer has to weigh in the cost and time of a remodel. Instantly. And they haven’t even closed on the house yet. It’s just one of those things. design choices   Tile-Shop-Ad On the other hand, a bathroom design such as the one above boosts you home’s value drastically. According to Zillow, a “bathroom remodel of this type results in a $1.71 increase in home value for every $1.00 spent on the product.” See what I mean? The renovation can simply be done by adding a new bathroom sink and fixture, getting rid of the fiberglass shower and installing a brilliant shower tile. Vanities, light fixtures, and toilets are other simple additions that will turn a once “just-okay” bathroom into beautifully designed, welcoming-to-the-eye, one-of-a-kind bathroom. At Builders Surplus, we have beautiful in-stock vanities, design-oriented tile, and even freestanding tubs that are sure to awe to anyone!

Exterior Design Choices

design choices

Blue house exterior with yellow door, new windows, flowers, plants, and covered porch area.

  I’ve written about it before, and I’ll write about it again – curb appeal is significant.  Whether a home buyer pairs with a realtor or decides to go the old fashioned way by scoping the neighborhoods, they are at some point in time going to pull up to the front of the house. Appearance is everything in this regard, and it’s important to realize this relatively early, so you can get started on a nice design. The options are endless. My opinion? It’s the safest best if you want to do something simple and easy. Focus on the front door. US news reports that if you do something as simple as painting or replacing, it can bring the highest return of any other project – whomping 96%!  The priority here is to heighten the aesthetics to your exterior. Make it new, make it fresh, and make it shine. design choices And if you’re looking for a company to meet those kind of demands, look no further but to Andersen doors. We carry them here at Builders Surplus, and trust us, they provide the best products – hands down. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, and you’d like to go with something a little more elaborate, we have some really outstanding French patio doors and an absolutely stunning iron door for an excellent price! See for yourself here.

Kitchen Design Choices

design choices   Wellborn-Shop-Ad Ah, the kitchen. The most prominent place in the house, so it’s easy to understand that there’s a certain care, a certain emphasis that should be placed on this space. Now, in terms of this post, I’m definitely not saying you need to completely destroy the kitchen and start from scratch. No, that’s overdoing it a little bit. We’re going with the simple take on things, remember. Updating certain aspects of your kitchen can go a long way. In fact, according to Zillow, a minor kitchen remodel could recoup 83.1% of your costs. An excellent number for your investment. The Zillow article also states that anything outdated can immediately turn buyer’s off. Luckily, there are a few adjustments you can make that can lead to a big payoff. design choices Something as simple as changing your kitchen cabinet hardware can make the style more relevant and intriguing. Another is switching your cabinets to improve design. Here at Builders Surplus, we have these simple design choices readily available. We carry awesome cabinet hardware from well-known brands like Top Knobs, Jeffrey Alexander, and Amerock! Looking for cabinets? Once again, nothing but the top (and affordable) lines at Builders Surplus. Contact one of our designers to learn more about our Wellborn and Waypoint cabinetry lines!
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